How To Use #arnica Homeopathically?

Arnica is undoubtedly miraculous in treating injuries and traumas but use it homeopathically. It is the most abused homoeopathic medicine in modern age.

How a homoeopathic remedy; can be abused non homeopathically to earn good fortune and business; Arnica provides fine example to that. Perhaps no homoeopathic medicine has been more abused than arnica. It has taken the fashion and sports world by storm. The layman does not understand what is homoeopathy? He can be easily misguided and entrapped with slight argumentation and persuasions. This is what is happening with most of the advertised products related to health and nutrition

in the world market.

Arnica is wonderful and miraculous remedy as for as traumatism and injuries are concerned. What curative only when its guiding and striking symptom” soreness and bruisedness” is present on the skin and muscles. Even the patient is mentally bruised. It is par excellence after blunt blows or injuries when skin is not broken and there is diffusion of blood internally causing purple color of injury and bruised feeling. Many a time this condition is bound to happen after traumas and injuries and arnica must cure it. The greatest abuse of arnica is that it is applied locally or topically to help heal bruising, reduce swelling from injury, for alleviation of muscle soreness and help with post-surgery recovery. This is not homoeopathy and homoeopathic use of arnica. Most of the herbal medicines used in this way in crude material dozes or concoction prepared from them. Sometimes herbal medicines are confused with homoeopathy but these are crude substances and these have nothing to do with homoeopathy. What are the criteria for the remedy to be homoeopathic?
• It must be in the energy form. There should be no molecule of matter in its composition. This is primary and fundamental condom for the remedy to be homoeopathic

• Secondly it must be diluted or succussed to loose all its material substance.

• Thirdly it must be proved on healthy persons and the symptoms it produces must be noted.

Fourthly the selected remedy and symptom picture of the disease or patient must be in resonance or similimum

If you apply these four pre requisite principles or conditions on most of the products available in stores or markets and sold as homoeopathic products are non homoeopathic. Similarly the sale of Arnica in cream, lotion or gel forms in markets is non homoeopathic. How the great genius Dr James Tyler Kent, the great stalwart of homoeopathy warns the people against using homoeopathic medicines as crude agents is worthy of noting:

“It is not strange that arnica is used for bruises, but it is very foolish to put it on the outside and to rub it on in the form of tincture. It produces in its pathogenesis mottled spots like bruises, if you take arnica internally in large doses, you will have mottled spots, bluish spots, which become yellowish, due to ecchymoses, from extravagation from small capillaries.”
If you are to see the wonderful miraculous powers of homoeopathy and arnica in traumatism and injuries with bruises and soreness; than use Arnica 10m and single dose or in graduated doses till arousal of vital force into activity. Do not apply arnica creams or mother tincture . the single dose of arnica iom is thousands times more potent than arnica creams , lotions and tincture.

The skeptics and cynics who debunk and jeer Homoeopathy as “nothing” or water or placebo; for them to convince the curative powers of homeopathy, Arnica is good remedy. After beating a skeptic severely with blows and lathis till bruises are produced on his body. Give him one dose of Arnica iom. within minutes his bruising will disappear and he will not feel bruised or soreness on his body. Continue this process of beating and giving arnica alternatively till he says “Homoeopathy really works wonderfully”

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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