Some Prominent Homeopathic Clairvoyant Medicines Of Materia Medica

Medorrhinum and phosphorous are two main clairvoyant medicines of our materia medica that display often symptoms of clairvoyance in patients. These symptoms are most reliable for prescription of medicines to patients.

Clairvoyance is not intellectual property or analysis and neither is it sensual perception. It is rare rest of rare phenomenon of human psyche in which there is an intensified and concentrated perception or strong feeling that “something is going to happen” what is that “something “the concerned person can not define or comprehend it. But sometimes not always this something is crude reality as if a person is

seeing something before his eyes. This is future feeling of concerning some unknown event or occurrence.. I have observed in some patients that “something” feeling may take many future courses some persons have narrated this feeling as if they are going to die on certain day and time. They have even foretold the exact time of their death. The family members did not take it seriously and the person died exactly on same date and time. This is something like presentiment of death by virtue of some clairvoyant feeling in their mind. An increased sensation as if death is coming or approaching or at hand

The phenomena of clairvoyance or clairvoyant feeling can not be explained in terms of science or laboratory research work. Neither it can be explained by human senses of perception eyes ears etc. it is an extra sensory perception. The human intellect can not grasp this. It is beyond domain of logic or intellectual theories it is strong feeling or sensation that overwhelms the mind of the person and he feels or senses that something will either happen to him or his family members it is something happening of a bad omen or event in the circumstances of the patient. Sometimes he may even warn the family members not to act

against this feeling. In most of the clairvoyance cases the sensation comes out to be true. Some people have this feeling in dreams and their dreams come true.

In homoeopathic materia medica we have certain medicines for clairvoyance feelings. When we prove certain medicines on healthily persons called provers these remedies have produces symptoms most likely like clairvoyant feelings. These are very reliable symptoms of medicines as these pertain to human psyche. The clairvoyant feeling is the rarest, striking, and strong symptom of the psyche of the patient. I directly ask this symptom from patients’” Have you ever experienced clairvoyant feeling in your life”?
When the patient answers in the affirmative I generally base my prescription on this symptom and this has never failed me.
The sub- components or parts of the main constitutional sensational rubric “clairvoyance “may be enumerated as under

Absent minded

Abstraction of mind



Presentiment of death

Things seem strange

All these components may not be present in the patient, but some of these must be present. These may be called or termed as sub-rubric or the main rubric clairvoyance in synthetic repertory by Barthel on page 141 , 25 medicines are listed under the main rubric clairvoyance. According to my observations out of these 25 medicines the most prominent medicines that are displaying the symptoms of clairvoyance markedly and frequently are



Crotalus CAS


Cannabis indica.

The clairvoyant state of mind of patients, I have often observed in these medicines.



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professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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