Chemical Drugs (conventional Medicine) Vs Energy Medicine (homeopathy)

Chemical drugs are proving counter productive to human health. These are crippling and laming the all powerful immunity of human body organs. The long term treatment of diseases with chemical drugs is making them degenerative in nature.There is potential alternative to chemical drugging i.e Homoeopathy.

The time has come to think seriously about the validity of chemical messengers employed to cure human sickness and ailments. Time has also come to place our increasing interest on the healing forces of individual or immune system rather than on chemical drugs for isolated effects. Chemical drugs are proving fatal to the humanity by weakening

the immune system. Nature has provided us with inbuilt strong immune system to fight against viruses; bacteria and diseases .Nowadays even children have started visiting doctors for their ailments which was rare phenomenon five decades back. Large proportions of world populations are exposed to suppressive therapies now as compared to fifty years back. There is alarming rise in chronic disease morbidity and mortality rate during last few generations.
Dr James Tyler Kent, a allopath turned homoeopath of America, in his “lesser writing” has summed up the tragedy of suppression in these warning words,” Today no skin eruption is left to appear. Everything that appears on the skin is quickly suppressed. If that continues for long the human race will disappear from the face of the earth.” The warning of jams Kent is turning to true as the chemicals and suppressive therapies have already done incalculable damage to humanity and human health in making man cripple and suffer from chronic diseases for whole life. Long term treatment of degenerative diseases by these dangerously harm suppressive chemicals is proving counter productive to health. When the common flu and cold and allergy symptoms are repeatedly treated with strong doses of antibiotics than the pace of disease becomes inward and these common symptoms turn out into life long crippling diseases. These chemical drugs have done more harm and injury than cure to suffering humanity.
The chronic crippling diseases are on the increase inspite of best effects and means available at the disposal of physicians to combat sickness. New tools and diagnostic techniques have been evolved to image hidden organs of body. In spite of all this progress why the heath graphs of mankind as a whole is deckling or waning. The age of the suffering man might have increased in number of years but the quality of life has deteriorated and degraded.. It is grand paradox that the very drugs which are prescribed for restoring health of suffering humanity are in reality causing deterioration in the level of health of humanity. Diseases unheard of are evolving on the scence to cause loss of human lives. Where was Aids hiding before 1970? AHD or ADHD is inflicting the new generations of children making them absent minded and hyperactive ADHD is nothing but the accumulated suppressed effect of diseases pertaining to many generations.
Chemical drugs are deriving diseases more grave and serious by sending them in the deep levels of human consciousness. Physical body is the first and outermost level of human consciousness. Chemicals are pushing diseases from exteriors to interiors; from circumference to centre .chemicals palliate most disturbing and tormenting symptoms, no doubt, but without touching the underlined causes of diseases. There is tremendous growth in this century of negative emotions of human life like anger, hatred, rage, malice, jealousy, violence; aggression etc.The bodily ailments are suppressed quickly by suppressive methods. These find their way in disguised form in mental ailments of grave dimensions.
Fifty years back there was hardly and rape case in the society. Now there is enormous increase in rape cases in society. Rape is committed by perverted and criminal mentality people. These people who commit heinous crimes of rape are mentally sick. The rate of crimes and suicide in society is directly proportional to the usage of chemical drugs used in society. Many crimes are directly committed
under the influence of narcotics and chemical drugs. Chemical drugs are giving rise to perverted and suppressed mentality. The suppressed mentality is like hydrogen bomb which can annihilate whole humanity. The coming future generations of mankind will see the havoc and disaster caused by chemical drugging of today.
The chemicals that are inflicting untold suffering and damage on humanity can not be imagined or measured. Chemical infested modern conventional medicine is playing with whole humanity to the oblivion of whole human race. When the man will awaken from such a deep slumber untold damage has already been caused.
George Vithoulkas is the founder of International Academy of Classical Homeopathy’ is rightly called the maestro of classical homoeopathy', for his mastery over homoeopathic principles and his prescribing skills says” The conventional system of medicine has reached a dead end, and the new medicine will be the energy medicine that homoeopathy offers,” Energy medicine i.e. homoeopathy will be future science and new medicine of new man. The chemical would become totally obsolete in combating even ordinary diseases. Most of chemicals used in drugs of conventional medicine will have no killing effect on bacteria, virus and fungi. These microorganisms will become resistant to antibiotics and other conventional medicines. Most of the strains of tuberculosis have already become resistant to anti tuberculosis drugs.

Since the dawn of homeopathy the big pharma industry has been ruthlessly attacking and debunking homoeopathy on lame excuses and these attacks will be more biting types in coming years. True Homoeopathy puts biggest challenge to multi dollar pharma industries. Many detractors of homoeopathy have vainly compared the effect of homoeopathic medicines to that of the placebo effect. Mere placebo effect can not cure cancer and malaria patients that potential homoeopathy has demonstrated number of times. As vithoulkas has remarked it is most ridiculous to believe that remedies that act on babies and animals have a placebo effect. The skeptics and cynics in league with big pharma industries are always in wait for using pretentious excuses to defame and accuse homoeopathy. While addressing criticism of homoeopathy as placebo effect the genius vithoulkas has rightly remarked "If homoeopaths have the power to install in the patient belief that can cure without remedies, then I will salute them as superhuman”
Homoeopathy is system of science which correctly and scientifically applies laws of nature to stimulate the healing energies of the human being. Homoeopathy is only system that is systematic enough to deal with the chronic diseases effectively which are the challenges of life and medicine of modern man. Homoeopathy holds the answer and ground for the vast majority of chronic disease sufferers.
The weakest point of homoeopathy is that homoeopathy is so sophisticated a system of medicine to be learned and mastered in college studies and seminars or by reading some books on homoeopathy. The principles of homoeopathy are simple in nature and concept but difficult to fully comprehend and apply to sickness. Homoeopathic principles require years of self study, intensive training and experience to apply these principles to sick bed. Homoeopathy requires more years of studies as in standard medical college.
The insights of Samuel Hahnemann and his noble innovations have greatly altered the perceptions of health, life and disease. A book entitled “Organon of the art of healing “authored by Samuel Hahnemann in 1810 thrown the whole European medical community in uproar as it introduced a entirely new and radical system of medicine, that was fundamentally opposed to the traditional system of the time. Hahnemann called this new and revolutionary method of medicine as Homoeopathy a word taken from Greek language homoeo meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering. Thus homoeopathy means to treat patients with something (similar medicine) that produces the effect similar to the suffering.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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