How Can Black Widow Spider Save Your Life From Clutches Of Death In Angina Pectoris?

Black widow spider (latrodectus Mac) is an emergency medicine in heart attack and heart block conditions. It is miraculous medicine for heart conditions arising out of myocardial ischemia or myocardial infarct.


Black widow spider is a spider whose bite is very toxic and causes immediate death by respiratory failure and heart attack. The crude symptoms from toxicology of black widow spider represent true replica of angina pectoris. It is beauty of homoeopathy that most toxic and dangerous bites of animals become life saving medicines by way of potenti sation and dynamisation. It is rule of nature the most toxic

the substance the most potent medicine it becomes after potentisation. By potentisation the hidden powers and energies of the toxic substance are liberated and it no longer remains a poison. It is poison only in the crude form. All the animal poisons including snakes and spiders are miraculous medicines of our materia medica. We as homoeopaths should know the art how to employ these potentised poisons to the sick man in bed.

The leading toxicological symptoms of this poison are extremes of tension and plasticity of nervous system. Constrictiveness of nervous system.. Prostration of nerves. The constrictions represent themselves in the mind and chest region mostly. Drawing sensations everywhere in the body and organs. The lumbar region and extremities are its favorite places of action. in may forms of illness.

Syphilitics and alcoholics are very hypersensitive to the action of black widow spider. Alcohol like agaricus and zinc aggravates all the symptoms of latrodectus Mac; It is very intoxicant like alcohol to the nervous system. It is special medicine of drunkards and alcoholics

for their heart attacks. Alcoholism and constitutional syphilis are among its general indications.

The mind of the patient is very unstable emotionally. There is extreme restlessness and anxiety in the mind of the patient with great fear of impending death and calamity. He constantly tosses in bed during heart attack and cries with pain. Unstrained and causeless weeping spells in hysterical girls at puberty.

Heart attack

Chest and heart are its special regions of attack and action. Constrictive pain in the chest and heart spreading to left shoulder and left arm and hand. Great feeling of oppression in chest with dyspnoea Labored breathing .palpitation of the heart. The bite of this black widow spider produces titanic effects that may last several days. A true picture of angina pectoris or heart attack is produced by the action of this drug in its pathogenesis and hence its great homoeopathacity to heart attacks. In a severe heat attack or heart block it may prove exact similimum, if the physician knows how to employ this poison in this condition. The praecordial region is center of the attack. What is its striking peculiarity in heat attack that differentiates it from other medicines? The pain in heart region is marked by anguish and it extends to left shoulder and axilla and may move down the arm and forearm and fingers with numbness of the extremity. The left arm may feel paralyzed. Pulse may be feeble and rapid.

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