How The Persistence Misuse Of Conventional Medicines Lead From Functional Diseases To More Serious Diseases And Finally To Degenerative Diseases?

It is fact and self evident that most of diseases of mankind are the product of man’s own misdoings and playing with Mother Nature and immunity of his body system. Every disease starts as simple functional diseases, but by the blind application of drugs and chemicals we change it into degenerative and irreversible.

Primarily all diseases are acute and functional type in the beginning but the persistence use of conventional medicines for various ailments ranging from heart diseases to mental diseases makes the simple curable functional diseases incurable and intractable. Perhaps you will not agree with me in the beginning but

in the end you will be compelled to ponder over the issues raised in this article in more constructive way.
It is fact and self evident that conventional therapy and medications do not address to the main underlying problem rather it is transitory danger averting treatment or “make shift arrangement” keeping the underlying cause and diseases alive and intact rather making it more morbid. The conventionalists never cure the disease rather they treat and manage the patients for emergencies.. Managing the patient or treating the patient is not cure at all. It is just like putting off the more serious problem or postponing its prognosis for sometimes. Contrary to the prevalent school, complementary medicines especially Homoeopathy addresses the main underlying cause and problem of disease never bothering about the main prominent disease symptoms. Homoeopathy dives deep into the miasmatic causes of diseases, rather than disease products. According to basic tenants of homoeopathy, the mother of all diseases is psora. Psora is depravity and perversion of mind. It may be called the “itching of mind” for fight, revenge, and violence. Psora is impulse in mind or wave in mind to do something harmful to others and to him. It is just like thought in the mind. It itself can not produce any disease unless; it is combined with psychosis or syphilis. Psychosis is growth of warts, tumors or excrescences on surface of skin. Psychosis mainly expresses itself through warts and carbuncles syphilis is destruction of tissues with putrification. The natural journey of diseases is from more simple and functional to complex and degenerative diseases. People come to homoeopaths when degenerative process is about to end or almost is over. No pathy or medicine can do any good in the last degenerative stage of disease. Now the vital force is so overwhelmed by the disease and immunity level has gone so low and weak that no reaction can be expected by the vital force or immunity. Degenerative stage is only manageable not curable. Neither should we try to cure it giving false hopes to family members and relatives of patients just to earn our money.


Stomach ulceration and cancer

Let us elaborate our point of view and hypothesis about conventional medicines with examples for he common man to understand and grasp the idea. Suppose there is patient complaining of indigestion of stomach with heaviness and uneasiness of stomach after meals. There is burning in stomach and esophagus. you can see there is no deep pathology involved yet. These are only functional changes. The stomach and liver are not functioning properly and in well coordinated manner. The patient goes to a conventional medicine doctor and the doctor prescribes a course of painkillers and antacids.. Now what will happen? The patient will get feel relieved for sometimes as all his acute symptoms will subside and get suppressed.. After a lapse of time the old symptoms of indigestion and burning will again resurface but in more severe manner. He will again go to doctor to consult and the doctor will again prescribe a course of same but strong medicines. Every pathology tends to remain on surface of skin but when it

is suppressed with more strong doses of medicines than it starts dodging the doctor and patient and hides itself in deep layers of pathology as to safe itself .Now what will happen?. After repeated exposure to strong medicines and chemicals, there will be ulceration of stomach. You see ulceration is more severe pathology than just burning, heaviness, paining of stomach. It means the disease has gone deeper in pathology. If this ulceraaation is again suppressed and not properly addressed than it will erupt as cancer of stomach with bleeding and vomiting not taking any food. This is the way how the conventional medicine that only addresses to local superficial symptoms makes diseases more and more complex and painful. Hundred of examples of this type can be cited to explain how the conventional plays havoc with the body and immunity of body. Our aim is not to cite and multiply such examples but to explain our holistic hypothesis about diseases and disease origins. We have law of cure in homoeopathy to guide us. “Simillia smibilus curantur” i.e. like cures likes we have a law to guide where and when to change the medicine. In Allopathy it is all chaos and consternation.

Progression of heart diseases

The heart diseases in conventional school of medicine start with minor inflammation of arteries. Than it may become constriction of arteries. The patient may take saturated fats in excess in form of eggs and meat. Slowly blood will become thicker and thicker. The victim starts a course of statin drugs to make the blood thinner and lower his cholesterol level. Slowly the deposition of lipids in lumen of arteries will become too much to block flow of blood in arteries. Now blood pressure will rise and the patient will start anti hypertensive pills. Gradually, in five or ten years it will be a fit and legitimate case of sugar. He will suffer from high blood sugar now. The high blood pressure and athero-sclerosis will now lead to strokes, aneurism, embolism, paralysis or retinopathy. The functional diseases of blood and blood vascular system starting as simple inflammation of arteries end in denegation of arteries, ischemia or infarction. So the progression of diseases with conventional medicine goes on growing in severity uninterruptedly and ultimately it ends with degeneration of organs. The patient thinks every disease to be new disease but actually it is the “old wine in new bottle”, in a disguised form. The level of health goes on declining not so with age and time as with adverse and toxic effects of chemical medicines hitting hard the immune system.

In conclusion it may be said that the persistence use of strong allopathic drugs in the form of analgesics, pain killers, antacids, anti-bionics, anti- hypertensive drugs, and statin drugs above all sedatives and tranquilizers lead to from functional diseases of curable nature to incurable and irreversible pathology and denegation. The big pharma companies have full control and monopoly on economy of universe. They are becoming richer and richer at the cost of common masses and their health. The main concern of pharmaceuticals is to collect money and not to address the basic problems of poor people and health in general. It is well time; people should adopt alternative medicine and complementary medicines of schools. These schools are holistic in nature and they enhance the immunity of human body rather than killing it like conventional medicine .It is high time to think “Do drugs really do any good than harming and damaging our immune system.”


Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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