Stannum The Wonder Medicine For Chronic Tuberculosis Conditions

When Stannum is indicated remedy the debility of nervous system is well marked. The debility especially when talking. .

When Stannum is indicated remedy the debility of nervous system is well marked. The debility especially when talking.
What characterize Stannum as a medicine is it peculiar action on the nervous system of humans. It causes and cures a peculiar kind of weakness in the chest and of the respiratory system. The person has a feeling as if his chest is hollow. The nervous weakness of Stannum is triggered when the person speaks or stands for long. De-debility is very marked when Stannum is the indicated remedy the debility of chronic bronchial and pulmonary conditions characterized by muco purulent

discharges upon tubercular basis.. The base of Stannum is tuberculosis. It is a tubercular medicine in essence. All the symptoms are accompanied are chronic cough that do not yield do any medicine. The nervous system of the person goes on weakening with the cough day by day. He becomes too weak to walk. If it is the lady that is affected than she will have to sit down several times while dressing or changing her clothes for office going. She is too weak that she does not sit on the chair; she just drops into the chair with her back lying against the back of chair for resting. Stannum generally affects the left lower lung. There is feeling of awful constriction which causes constant feeling of anxiety. Some times due to this awful anxiety she goes into depression and starts weeping endlessly.
The cough symptoms of Stannum are very peculiar. It comes in three paroxysms. Sometimes it is dry other times it is loose the sweet taste of the phlegm is very characteristic. It is greatly aggravated by lying on the right side. If at night the person tries to sleep on the right side of his body than cough is excited which compels him t lie on the left side Its another cough modality is also very peculiar and characteristic whenever he or she
try to speak she feels so weak that she starts coughing. Talking causes very weak feeling in chest and throat. All the acts of speaking singing conversing excite awful coughing bouts.
The smell of food nauseates the patient to vomiting. He feels lie vomiting on seeing the food articles especially vegetables. He can not see at the food. Whenever he puts morsels of food into his mouth, these come out with nauseating sensation. And he has to leave the dining table without eating anything. This nauseating feeling on seeing food or on merely smell of food is also found in other medicines also. The sepia ars colchicum has it also in a marked degree but the scope and field of every medicine is different. So there should be no difficulty in choosing the right medicine.
The pains of Stannum have its own peculiarity. Their pace is very slow. These may be termed as graphic pains. These pains come slowly and increase to its acumen or climaxes and slowly abate. These pains increase or decrease gradually the pains may be anywhere in the body stomach, intestines, head, kidneys. .Patina has also has this symptom of pains in a very marked degree. The constitution of platina is very egoistic arrogant and haughty type she has overestimation of self and she suffers from deep inferiority complex. Platina is sitting on the cliff of a mountain seeing the people with contempt and hatred. Belladonna has sudden throbbing pains.
One modality that I have confirmed repeatedly in my practice is that the patient lies with one leg drawn up and other leg stretched out. This posture or position gives the patient great relief or comfort.


This medicine is very potent and may excite hidden or latent conditions of body, so it should be never used in crude form. Always use this wonder medicine homeopathically.

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