How To Identify True Lover From Her Face Impression And Skin? A Psychological Purview

There exists a biological -nervo-psychic process in human body by which you can easily identify the true lover and true love.

There exists a biological -nervo-psychic process in human body by which you can easily identify the true lover and true love.

There may be hundred of ways and means to identify a true love and true lover. One, the most prevalent and dominant is the expression of her face and state of her emotions. The way the emotions are expressed and quality of her emotions is of paramount significance to know her mind. How deeply she loves you? It is not always easy to judge this question. It is possible that she may be playing drama with you and playing the

role of a true lover and loving someone other. The language is means of expression of ones state of mind but can be equally a means to hide your state of mind. Now the people have become masters to hide their emotions under the mist behind their face. It is said that face is the index/ mirror of mind. But this is not true in modern tech age. The greatest disadvantage of modern technology especially the communication is that it has made the man learn the art how to masquerade their faces? Suppose a girl says to someone “I love you a lot you and I can sacrifice my life for you” it is very difficult to trust such promising claims made from her tongue It has almost become the fashion to use such flowery words ceremoniously devoid of feelings. This type of emotionally discharged language can be seen in chat rooms. Such words may be deception and you may be easily entrapped. I will narrate you a few sure signs and indications of true love affair that are automatically produced on the skin and face when one is involved emotionally deeply in love affair. It is not the shape of skin. I do not mean the color of the skin i.e. black, brown or white skin. There is psycho-nervo phenomenon occurring in our body automatically and simultaneously called “goose flesh “or “horipilation”.

What is goose flesh?

When we are in deep love situations, this phenomenon occurs on the surface of skin when one is emotionally and deeply involved in love of beloved/lover. What is goose flesh? In simple words it is the raising or erecting of hairs of skin perpendicularly straight and upright in the air in response to some stimuli. The stimuli may be any situation from love situation to fear situation, wonder situation, cold situation. The situation/stimuli must be thoroughly deep enough to stir the nervous system of the person for goose flesh to take place. This phenomenon does not occur in all the persons in response to above said situations or stimuli. It occurs only in certain kind of constitutions of persons. There are three socio psycho situations in which this process mainly occurs
• The situation of intense love and sympathy
• Fear situation of extreme dread and fright
• Wonder situation of extreme amazement
• Cold situation of extreme chilliness

How goose flesh is produced?

Goose flesh is a biological and sort of reflex action of human nervous system. The stimuli (beloved‘s hand touch) or body touch causes nerve

or neuron discharge from our nervous system. Our body’s sympathetic nervous system is a part of the autonomic nervosa system. There are little hair muscles located in our skin called “Arrectofores pilorum” The contraction of these muscles causes the hair follicles to elevate the surface of skin. These “tiny elevations of hair follicles” are called goose flesh or goose bumps. Had the nerve release only factor in the production of goose flesh than these should have been present in the skin of all and sundry. But our testimony is contrary to this fact and do not confirm such an assumption. So the production of goose flesh is a complex nervo psychic process in which multitude of factors is involved.

All the human emotions especially the emotion of love profoundly affects our nervous system .when we are in deep love situations or romantic situations of love, there are certain neuro-chemicals released by our nervous system called “neuro-transmitters” in to our blood stream. Love is deep emotional bio chemical reaction that occurs in our body and its end product is the deep sense of attachment and recognition of our beloved person. In this situation we are fully filled with love emotions for our beloved. In this situation a peculiar kind of pleasant sensation in form of shivering or trembling in our body occurs. It is very transitory but extremely beatitude and blissful. It is the climax of one’s love. Ego conscious is totally annihilated in love emotion, totally and entirely forgetting his outward personality. It is temporarily shedding of all ego consciousness. It is just love intoxications. For few seconds our love emotion totally over shadow or overwhelm our thinking process or thinking faculty i.e. intellect. It is just like the loosing all past recollections and connections and living in the present we are accustomed to either live in recollections of past or in further dreams. If you are meeting your beloved at rendezvous and you are alone if such a situation occurs in your lover/ beloved’s body than you are lucky enough for getting true love from her. It is sure sign of her deep attachment and involvement with you .it simply shows how intensely she loves you .It is not in your hand to create such situation of intense love at will or volition. When a man goes to prostitute for quenching his lust this situation will never occur. Here your mind is not emotionally charged or involved. This situation of emotional shivering and trembling is also true sign of true love and affection. In concluding it may be said that in love situations if your lover / beloved starts having either goose flesh or emotional love shivering or trembling than it is true sign of her true love feelings. These were not under her conscious control and these automatically erupted out of her nervous system

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