Migraine Headache---aura And Its Kinds

Migraine is worst type and deadly headache unbearable by the victim.. Sometimes it’s preceded by complex symptom  syndrome called aura. Aura is just like prodrome or premonition warning with symptoms of altered vision perception

Migraine headache is worst type of headache. Its pins are horrible and terrible. These are very annoying and excruciating in nature. Mostly these are not throbbing but neuralgic. They compel the patient to despair and depression. The Migraineurs for moments looses all love for life and become very depressed in mind and spirit. Nothing pleases or comforts them .Even the most desired things have repulsive effect

on their psyche. Their mood becomes most rancoured an embittered. Sometimes they long for death during these migraine attacks. What are characteristics of migraine attack? And how can these can be avoided or cured? Sometimes the patients suffer from auraic headaches. Aura headache is special kind of migraine headache in which the patient feels special altered sense perceptions before the onset of an actual migraine attack. Generally the migraine headaches are preceded by some sort of visual disturbances known as an aura. The sense of vision is momentarily altered before the attack. They usually occur anywhere minutes to hours before the pain of a migraine starts. These auraic symptoms typically last for very short span of time. The time span may be from seconds to minutes. The aura generally occurs without actual pain or warning signal. The visual changes may affect one eye or both the eyes simultaneously

What is aura?

Aura is similar the period of prodrome of diseases or it is a premonition that Migraineurs feel that attack is going to happen. . Most Migraineurs usually experience aura for a transient time just before the actual headache stage of their attack. Three different kinds of aura have been identified. One of these accompanies the migraine pain. The cause of occurrence of aura is the dysfunction of the electrical waves or brain or nervous system. In which area of the brain these disordered and dysfunctional electrical waves are affected that area gives the kind of nervous symptoms

Sensory aura

Sensory auras are those auras that occur in that part of the brain which is responsible for vision and other sensory activities. The sensory auras are generally delusionary and hallucigenic in nature. These pertain to five sense

organs and their perception fields. Disordered sense perceptions occur in the brain. Generally three areas -- sensory, language and motor activity, are affected. Smelling, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching are five subjects of human senses. And these produce different kinds of delusions and hallucinations. The visual changes are of the following nature
• Increased sensitivity to light and sound especially shrill sounds.
• Extremely sensitivity to vibrations of all -kinds.
• Flashing lights of sharp nature before eyes for short time.
• `Scotomas
• Flickering before the eyes.
• Zigzag lines before the eyes or vision field
• Visual hallucinations like images of animals or other things before eyes.
• Temporary loss of sight or blindness.
• Exaggerated sense of light sensitivity
• Blurred vision or temporary blindness
• Eye pain or numbness

Aphasic aura

Aphasic aura involves that part of the brain that controls languages and learning processes of human beings. An aphasic aura may render the Migraineurs utterly unable to speak, and understand. It may be termed as cataleptic state of vocal organs. Man tries to speak but he can not. It is rarely present in migraine headaches, but nevertheless, its possibility can not be ruled out completely.



Motor aura

Motor aura involves motor nerves and their weakness. This weakness of body or paralysis is usually confined to one side of the body – unilateral. But it may affect both sides when it is called bilateral. It is a hysterical state of nerves of extremities. There is no actual perceptible paralysis but still it is there and the victim is unable to move his or her extremities.



The other classical symptoms that mark the onset of a typical migraine attack may be enumerated as udder:
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Chills mostly nervous type internal chills and shivering
• Increased frequency of urination
• Swelling of the face especially cheek area and below eyes
• Increased Irritability of temper.


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