Sure Way To Cure Frozen Shoulder With Exercises Without Medication

The pain killer medications or analgesics are no cure for frozen shoulder. These may afford transitory relief. Do exercises mentioned below for permanent cure of this painful ailing condition.

Frozen shoulder is very annoying and painful condition which results in permanent loss of movement or motion of your shoulder. In severe frozen shoulder condition if you try to raise your hand of affected shoulder above your head it will not go. It pains and torments with slightest movement or rotation of shoulder. The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint. In ball and socket joint movement is possible in all

directions. The fitting of bone humerus in the glenoid cavity and femur in the acetabulum are two examples of ball and socket joints in our body .The frozen shoulder underlines an inflammatory process the joint fluid (synovial fluid) thickens and the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint contracts so there is less space for upper arm (humerus.) to movement and motion. In the ball and socket joint the friction of two bones is lessened by synovial fluid present between the two bones.


Human body has two girdles in its skeletal system which play significant role in movement and locomotion of body and body parts.

• Pectoral or shoulder girdle
• pelvic or hip girdle


Pectoral or shoulder girdle

It consists of two different halves. Each half has a small clavicle and a large scapula –coracoids. It bears glenoid cavity surrounded by coracoids processes, Acromian processes, and metacromian processes. A thin cartilaginous strip suprascapula is present on dorsal edge of scapula. In the glenoid cavity the head of humerus exactly fits.


There are three major causes of frozen shoulders.

Long standing injury or trauma to shoulder joint left unaddressed
Involvement of thyroid
Blood sugar
Drying up of synovial fluid


The main symptom is inability to raise arm of the affected shoulder above head.
Inability to sleep on affected shoulder
Combing the hair becomes difficult as it involves movement.
Movement of any kind of shoulder is hurting and painful.
You will willfully avoid any motion of shoulder or injury.
Severe stiffness and plasticity of shoulder joint

/> Treatment

Generally analgesic and painkiller medicines are prescribed. Some may resort to corticoid steroids. These give only temporary relief as these drugs only desensitize the inflammatory muscles. When the effect wanes these return with more severity. Neither the painkillers nor corticoid steroids address the main problem underlying. Mostly the frozen shoulder is result of degenerative processes of thyroid gland and diabetes mellitus. These underlying problems must be addressed with care and attention.

Stretching and strengthening exercises.

Stretching exercises and physical manipulation of frozen shoulder joint can do wonderful in curing and controlling this painful condition. Start the exercise and go on increasing its time period. Never do any vigorous exercise. It may unnecessary escalate the painful condition. Slowly and slowly it will lead to abolition of pain and inflammation of shoulder joint
Shoulder shrugging exercise

Rotate the affected shoulder in backward and forward direction alternately for ten or twenty times and go on increasing this exercise. This is called shoulder shrugging repeat this exercise religiously without any break

Crawling on wall exercise

The second exercise is crawling on wall. Stand in front of a wall.and place the hand of your affected shoulder on the wall and slowly crawl upwards and than decrawl to original position. Repeat this crawling and decrawling on the wall daily for twenty times

Pulley exercise

The third exercise is called pulleying exercise. With the elbow straight and thumbs facing upward raise the involved arm in front of body as high as you can or is possible. Assist the affected shoulder arm with other arm in raising and pulling down .repeat this exercise daily for twenty times.


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