How Incessant And Obsessive Type Of Chatting Is Proving Fatal, And Making Childhood Psyche Sick And Morbid?

Teenagers on cyberspace are becoming a hard reality of modern life of strife and tension. The idle, meaningless and purposeless chatting on cyberspace for prolonged sessions in a destructive way, killing precious time of youth, is shaping the mentality of teenagers to dangerous proportions and many mental disorders. The parents should guide, advise, and inspire the kids and children to use their energy in more productive way rather than debunking them as idiots and rascals in a coercive way. Cyberspace and inter netting has become necessary evil of life.
Chatting is latest widespread phenomenon of modern internet and cyberspace

era. How it is playing havoc with lives and minds of kids and children is difficult to assess and measure now. It will take time when all of a sudden its harmful results/effects will start becoming public and showing themselves. The process of degradation of kid minds have already begun. It has already started getting the psyche of children spoiled and corrupted in a big way. With many children, chatting has already become addiction or obsession and they can leave the eating but can not leave chatting with their friends. It has become the compulsive act of their minds. They are obsessed with the chatting with their friends. Chatting in children and teenagers is becoming no less than like alcohol drinking among old generation. Chatting may rightly be termed as “modified alcohol” of youth or new younger generation. It is well time for the psychologists to study and analyze to which direction the chatting is shaping and Moulding the minds of innocent children. It is also proper time for the parents to wake up to occasion and divert the mind of their children in more meaningful activities of life rather than useless killing of time on internet, health and mind. Every phenomenon of life has its positivities and negativities, banes and boons. . It depends on the observing eye how it is exploiting and using it positively or negatively? With majority of kids visiting to cyber cafe for chatting is becoming activity for the sake of activity in a compulsive way. They can not avoid it in spite of their willing so. Chatting, lasciviousness and pornography go side by side with most of kids and children one fueling the need for other to follow in a compulsive way. They are becoming more and more passionate about these with every passing day. It is just like the “chakarvieu “in which they can enter but from which they can not come out themselves with their own will. Their will is becoming more and more subservient to this phenomenon.

Chatting has become bane of the day, but unbridled and compulsive chatting has its inherent dangers too. The purpose of this article is not to discourage the youth from using new tech techniques but rather timely to warn and safe guard the children from the inherent dangers and potentialities of wide range of repercussions of these new tools of communication. Chatting is a perverted form of language producing perverted mentality and perverted imagery in their minds. In chatting there are two parties or sides. One side sends the written or text message and the second party receives it instantly and after perceiving it again sends the message to the first reply and this process of sending and receiving messages goes no for hours, days, and months. The medium between the parties is internet connection. So chatting may be defined as the perverted conversation between two parties or friends through the medium of internet and without the physical involvement of the dealing persons or parties. Any kind of communication over the internet that offers an instantaneous transmission of texed –based messages from sender to receiver, hence the delay for visual access to the sent message do not hamper the flow of communications in any of the directions. It is unique method of expressing one’s desires and wishes even without the use of verbal language. How chatting is spoiling the minds of younger generation? And how it is creating new mental disorders? Perhaps nobody knows yet. This is a subject of deep concern and study for the society as a whole? How it is degrading the personalities of boys and girls we can not assess it exactly in a hurried manner. The chatting is producing a mind set never heard or seen in history of mankind. This mind set has many dimensions and ramifications.

Chatting is creating void or vacuum in the minds of kids and it is filled by dirty things like abuses, filthy language, anger, violence and aggression. It teaches the kids how to assassinate the personality or character of others by mud throwing and making foul use of language. You may observe that the language in chat rooms is very dirty, vulgar and above all obscene also. They use very violent and filthy language towards each other while chatting. Sometimes the text massages are very lascivious also. The foul usage of language is eroding the chastity and purity of their minds filling their minds with lasciviousness and sadism. It is making them megalomaniac and narcistic also megalomaniac and narcissism are very morbid tendencies that are cropping up in the minds of new youth generation. Chatting is making the youth aggressive, violent and assertive to the extant of hitting below the belt setting aside all norms of ethics and decency.
It is creating criminal mentality in many instances. The rampant crimes against woman and girls especially sexual crimes are direct outcome of the criminal and aggressive mentality shaped by cyberspace and chatting. Every mobile of youth has some pornographic picture downloaded in it and it is circulating among fellow friends to quench their hunger for lust. This queer phenomenon can be seen in school going children both boys and girls. Perverted sex and criminality are hand and glove with each other. One excites and paves the way for other and this becomes a vicious circle with most of teenagers. . The criminal bent of mind invented spamming in chat rooms to gratify theirs sadistic designs and tendencies. Yahoo had to introduce captcha in chatrooms to prevent spamming type nefarious activities. It is very tragic aspect that teenagers have started deriving perverted sexual pleasure by torturing the girls and vice- versa. Socially, this type of unacceptable behavior is making the teenagers and children rude, obstinate and impertinent in their behavior in life. Chatting teaches boys and girls how to be good liars and hypocrites? , Without the involvement of any danger. They become so imprudent and so shaped in their mentality that they start behaving in a shocking and rude manger towards their family

member’s and parents also. They are learning bad etiquettes while chatting. The youth looses all decency and crosses all limits of human ethical values while chatting in chat rooms. None can deny my observations about teenager’s behavior on cyberspace in this regard.


The main problem of growing kids and children is to seek their own distinct self or personality. While chatting they loose their original self and assume a second personality which is of not their own. It is common practice to see that guys chat as if they are girls and girls chat as if they are boys. It becomes really very difficult to identify if one is really girl or boy.
Chatting makes them learn how to change and hide their own personality or identity. Excepting rare genuine cases that are very few most of the chatters do not reveal their own true identity on the internet. What they say or write is all liars and not an iota of truth is there in their statements.
The chatters are never serious and they never discuss serious matters of life concerning all and sundry or humanity, rather they give open expression to their vulgar feelings and thoughts. The first frequently asked question in chatrooms is ASL meaning what is your age, sex and location. These are three components of the personality of a person and these are deliberately misplaced or masqueraded. One should never tell lies about these three aspects of ones life

Monomaniac and eccentricity


The saddest and tragic aspect of chatting is that it is making the guys and girls monomaniac and obsessional in their approach towards life and other aspects of life .monomania is very dangerous psychological aspect of life and distorted mental trait. The monomaniac Person is haunted by constantly single thought or subject and he can not divest or divert his mind as his wish. This inability of mind to distract from certain idea makes the mind very rigid and psychotic. The victim becomes fixed on single feeling or thought. In the terms of psychology this type of mental attitude is called fixation. Mental fixating is very dangerous tendency of mind and not easy to break .sometimes it may go on for whole life. Due to this chatting fixation the behavior of children is becoming more and more eccentric towards society and family.. I have observed that most of the guys and girls who indulge in prolonged sessions of chatting with each other have a predisposition to monomania, compulsions, split personality, perversions and obsessions etc... These are all psychological aberrations of mind and mental disorders of serious type. The chatting fuels these negativities and perversion of life and they start burning inside and outside vigorously; detrimental to their own health and health of society in general.

Mistaken identity

Mistaken identity is serious kind of mental disorder in which the highly mentalised person starts thinking and behaving as another person, which in actual practice he is not. The girl may start thinking herself as a guy and she starts behaving in the mannerism of guy and speaks and talks in a tone and voice as if she is actually a guy.whenver she talks she says “I am guy and call me guy” This type of abnormal behavior may start affecting her physical body in the long run. And she may start growing male characters in her body. We have heard of many instances of gender changes. This type of willful behavior is behind the gender change phenomenon. We have one glaring example of one famous person belonging to utter pardesh state of India Mr. Pandey to the highly decorated rank of DIG In police service. Mr. Pandey suddenly started behaving like as if he is woman. He started worshiping lord Krishna as if he is gopi of Krishna loving him earnestly. he started even wearing sari and taking bindi on his forehead. The distorted behavior of Mr. Pandey the ranked officer of Indian police force is a classical example of mistaken identity. When guys and girls chat by hiding their own real identity and posing as guys and girls, they are behaving in a way like mistaken identity or double identity.

. .
These virtual interactions involve the teenagers in `talking more freely and more widely than ever before. With chatrooms replacing many face-to-face conversations of daily life it is imperative and necessary to be able to have quick conversation as if the person were present. So many teenagers learn to type as quickly as they would normally speak. This gives birth to hurriedness in their speech and impatience in mind and speech. Hurriedness an impatience of mind is accompanied by many a mental disorder and are the corollary of many mental aberrations

Role of parents in technology and cyberspace age

The role of parents in this technology and cyberspace age assumes vital proportions becomes very vital and multi dimensional in safe guarding the interests of their naive children and providing them proper vistas and opportunities for all round development of their personality. So they may compete with other children successfully. The virtual interactions of teenagers and children on cyberspace in many forms with their fellows should not be stopped with coercion rather guided in a friendly manner. These interactions of internet involve the teenagers in `talking' more freely and more widely than ever before .With chatrooms replacing century old techniques of many face-to-face conversations of daily life it is imperative and necessary to be able to have quick conversation as if the person were present. So many teenagers learn to type as quickly as they would normally speak. It is one of the good aspects cyber space chatting. Teenagers and young people are leading the movement of social change as they are taking the full advantage of the possibilities of digital technology, variety of media and internet through their uses of mobile phone text messages, Blogging, e-mails, web-pages and on-line chatrooms. These new media communication skills may prove boon in the long run for changing the social set up of societies. The only need of the hour is directing the energies of youth in right and positive perspective. The parents should not be conservative minded in preventing their children from the use of internet technology and other medium of communication rather should be guided in a purposeful manner.


Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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