How The Vulnerability Of Girls And Women Is Exploited To Commit Heinous Cyber Crimes?

One peculiar aspect of cyber crimes is that these are committed by high profile educated elite of our society.. Depression, sexual harassment of woman, lust for power and fame and perverted mentality are common factors and reasons behind these cyber crimes. Woman should use extra invigilation and caution while surfing net or chatting with unknown people.

Cyber crimes have exceeded social crimes in intensity and dimension. New and new cyber crimes are committed everyday. The world has become global village and shrank to a tiny village of huge population. The dream of one world village of many visualized years back

has come true. Thanks to the spread of information technology which has connected the whole universe through World Wide Web, mobile phony, computer application and internet connectivity. People are sharing information on social net working sites like face book and tweet as if talking to a friend or house member.

The concept of World Wide Web has changed the entire view point and life perspective of people. Information technology has brought tremendous vicissitudes in the thinking process and attitudes and aptitudes of life .These ultra sophisticated technological informational devices have not only changed whole domain of human life and activity but have brought many ills and dangers and menacing devices also. The negative aspect of all this informational revolution is that, that it has added lot of misery, misfortune, stress and tension, insecurity and above all threats to our daily life. The 21st century may rightly be called the age of technological advancement. The technological skills had made the man very deceitful, manipulative in behavior, liar, cunning etc. He has learnt the art of manipulating things for his own selfish motives having detrimental to the interest of other members of society Hypocrisy has become the way of life of the people using internet. Man was never so selfish and devoid of sublime emotions in history of mankind as we find him today. Man has exploited the technological advancement to fulfill his evil and ugly designs and intentions.

The criminal orientation of man’s psychology has undergone drastic changes in last fifty years. New ways and techniques to commit crimes have been devised. The crime oriented mentality on internet is called by the name of cyber crimes. The cyber crimes have started threatening our daily harmonious peaceful lives. Cyber crimes are of various types and nature, one peculiarity of cyber crimes is that these are of high dimensional profile nature committed by educated elite as compared to day today trivial ordinary crimes committed by uneducated people.. If we are not equipped with anti cyber crime technologies and information skills; than we are liable to be deceived, cheated and menaced in many ways. The ignorant user of internet can easily fall prey to many kinds of cyber crimes and cyber threats.

The woman professionals are excelling in IT services and at the same time women are vulnerable to cyber crimes

and threats more than their male counterpart’s men. Woman becomes easily victims of cyber crime exploitations. Their bio-data with contact details, their lust for exposure to more and more people, photos and other vital information have made them more vulnerable to internet threats and harassment's. Internet user girls and woman are exposed and exploited for many types of cyber crimes like cyber defamation, cyber stalking, mail phishing, e. mail spoofing, pornography, harassment and sexual abuse. Many of the internet users remain ignorant of the potential dangers of internet safety and security till they are caught in its net and tentacles .Than there is no way left other than repenting and weeping

Cyber stalking is internet based harassment, embarrassment and humiliation of the victim. Cyber stalking is recent phenomenon and girls and women are the main targets of this cyber crime. A case of cyber stalking was registered with Delhi police. Mrs Ritu .Kohli complained to police deptt.of Delhi against a person who stole the identity of Mrs., Kohli and was using it to chat over internet at the web site He chatted with many persons for four consecutive days on kohli’s identity. Mrs. kohli further complained to the police that offender was using her name and leaking her address and phone number on the internet. He was also talking in obscene language with fellows.. The same person was giving deliberately her telephone number to meet and call kohl at odd hours. Consequently kohl received 40 calls in three days mostly at night from far away places as Kuwait. Cochin, Bombay and Ahmedabad .when her mental peace was disturbed and became very nervous and tense; she complained the matter to Delhi police. The person using fake identity of Mrs. Kohli for chatting was caught tracking the ip address.

Trafficking, posting of obscene and porno literature and material, identity theft are some of the dominant and often committed cyber crimes attached to e- mailing. E-mailing has replaced centuries old method of delivering messages through posting in post offices. Now e- .mailing has become part and parcel of our daily life for sharing information with friends and dear and relatives. The mail id may be used by somebody for defamation purposes. So the girls and woman should use extra caution of their email identity while sharing information on internet. The crime of identity theft is very common on internet these days. Cyber stalking through chatting and mails is mainly done for purpose of sexual harassment, revenge and hatred, lust for power and egomania megalomaniac people generally commit these cyber crimes out of frustration. The cyber crimes are generally committed by educated elite. This is the tragic and saddest aspect of cyber crimes.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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