My Early Days Encounter With Homoeopathy

  Homoeopathic cures are permanent if the selection is made judiciously.  


Homoeopathic cures are permanent if the selection is made judiciously.


Dr Samuel Hahnemann while translating Cullen’s A Treatise on the Materia Medica, read somewhere that if a healthy person takes quinine or cinchona bark it can produce the likely effects of malarial fever like chilliness and shivering .Hahnemann wanted to experiment the truth of that statement. He took the quinine in crude doses. He got malarial fever. To ward off the malarial effects, he took this substance in potentised form .Thus the theory of homeopathy was founded incidentally on law of “Simillia smibilus curantur “for the benefit and guidance

of future generations
The incident which I am going to narrate here dates back to my early adolescent life or my early days life when I was employed as professor in a degree college and was teaching language subject to students .I was the head of the Punjabi deptt.I. used to have very severe malarial fever every year in the month of September for many years .The fever used to come with accompanying symptoms of vomiting and yawning without chilliness or shaking but coldness of lower limbs and I used to take quilt during fever and there was no thirst before or in beginning of fever. But after the fever thirst was awesome. First stage of chill was absolutely absent. I had read somewhere that Homoeopathy can cure intermittent fever permanently. And fever never reoccurs after homoeopathy. Instead of suppressing it with heavy doses of chloroquine injections, as I used to do it before; I went to the local homoeopath to consult for the fever. I was astonished when the homoeopath replied that “homoeopathy is cart like slow in action and it is the age of rocket.” So he gave me injections of chloroquine and fever was suppressed as usual to come again the next year. I forgot the fever and next year came and thus came the fever again. This time I made up my mind not to take chloroquine at all and to cure it myself homeopathically.

I had
not very sound knowledge of materia medica and of homoeopathy at that time. Dr H.C Allen’s book on therapeutic of intermittent fever was with me. After studying it I took gels 30 three doses and nothing happened and the same fever returned around about 2pm the next day. I did not loose heart and studied the materia medica coinciding and equating my symptoms with the requisite medicine I read under the heading chill
Chill without thirst .irregularly developed never clearly defined, mingling of heat and chilliness all ameliorated by external warmth and under the heading heat –the heat stage of the fever is intense, long lasting, dry, burning and pungent to the touch, with inclination to uncover and insatiable thirst for cold water
.I decided to try ars as ars symptoms were somewhat similar to my fever symptoms. I had no experience with ars before. Dissolved some pellets of Ars 1M in water and repeated the dose many times. The miracle happened. Wonder, see my surprise ,when the next day fever did not come as usual Neither it had come till today the writing of this article .So a long standing malaria fever case of years standing was cured permanently never to reoccur in my life with minute doses of homoeopathy. This incident left deep indelible mark on my psyche and I Started reading materia medica of different authors deeply and like a crazy person and this reading gave me many rewards afterwards. I became ardent and firm believers and follower of homoeopathy and the principles of Dr Samuel Hahnemann.
This incident made me homeopath to preach homoeopathy in life. Homoeopathy is now my conviction. After this incident I started practicing homoeopathy. With the grace of almighty I have even cured three confirmed cases of carcinoma of breast with homoeopathy. Now homoeopathy is my love and passion.


Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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