Should The Parents # Monitor The Activities Of Their Kids On Internet?

It is better for both the parents and their children to admit the reality of cyberspace with open eyes and knowledge than to close the eyes like pigeons on seeing a cat or digging the head in the sand like ostrich on seeing his prey.


It has become a burning and debatable question as to whether the parents should allow the use of internet and monitor the net activities of their kids. No single word answer in yes or no can be given in a hurry; as it concerns the psychology of children and their future life pattern. Kids of tech

age are not simple minded and naive and they are well informed of world events on internet. Kids of today are actively and some are aggressively engaging them in net activity and are accessing internet for many purposes including both heinous and noble. But the threats and dangers that the usage of internet exposes them are innumerable and making the parents worried, nervous and double minded whether to take notice of their internet activities or not
The structural composition of internet is very complex and its informational components are varied and large. Kids can have any access to any information with just one click of mouse. Majority of content and material of internet is not kids friendly at all. In a way it is very injurious to their mental as well as physical health and whole psychological make up. Besides educational and learning aids and teaching material the internet is fine reservoir of graphic violent accounts, phishing sites, various links of viruses ,worms, Trojan links and above all abundant of adult content in the form of pornography. It is very difficult even for managers of internet to control and regulate the traffic flow on internet. How can the parents control and regulate or monitor the kids not to be exposed to such bad and vulgar area of the internet?

The cyberspace sex and porno industry is thriving and it provides lot of prohibitory and voluptuous material to the simple, naive, gentle, volatile and vulnerable minds of kids. The research study of London school of economics about the sex and porno behavior of kids claims that nine out of ten children aged between eight and sixteen have viewed pornography on web pages. The child mind is very responsive and adaptive.The greatest and enthusiastic tendency and propensity of human mind is to explore and view the sex in various ways..pornography is invention of such a human tendency and propensity. Sex in any form excites and fascinates the human mind than any other thing. Perhaps this is due to the tabooed nature of sex for centuries. And there is famous saying “distant lands are charm to the view”. So kids are no exception in this area of human existence

Illegal child pornography is on the rise and more and more children are falling prey to porno sites willingly or unwillingly. Even the simplest minded kids are having access to” forbidden area of internet” accidentally while surfing the internet. Even an innocuous search for home works topics and learning lesions can lead one to that most cherished

and voluptuous area of internet. Though some search engines like goggle have inbuilt default filters but the cunning and crafty kids know how to turn these off and dodge the parents so easily.
Controversy and debate is raging all over the world in enlightened circles of each society and even on the internet about the monitoring of web activity of children. Lots of opinions can be raised for and against. It is question of one’s personal freedom and privacy versus responsibility of parents to keep their kids away from unwanted and unhealthy influence of web pages and intenet..Parents easily understand the immense value and comprehend that computers are great learning tools of providing valuable audio- visual devices, but worries about the easy accessibility of “inappropriate content and material “of internet and web pages.. It has become a war of “easy accessibility and responsibility and accountability” of parents. Some parent’s worry the long exposure and long sittings of kids before computers with fidgety of their hands and fingers with incessant typing and clicking of mouse and keyboard. Some fear physical ailments like myopia and spondylitis problem of their kids. Such concerns of parents about the safety and security of their children are not altogether hysterical or vague

Spamming is the single most annoying and threatening aspect of internet to which not only children even youngsters are severely exposed. Kids are very eager and curious to make their own e-mail accounts so that they may have their own personal identity. Having e-mail ids exposes one to many outside unknown dangers and threats. It is the most reliable and most used tool by distorted mentality people for spamming purposes.E.mail provider’s applications or software’s have some anti spam tools in them but are robust and can not provide security against spammers.

In the existing internet milieu and scenario parents have little options and choices but to keep them abreast of internet events and information technology used by children. The kids also need to be fully aware of the dangers and threats of internet usage. They will have to be reassured that channels of communications with parents are open. Parents will have to admit and adept to changing scenario of internet and change their thinking model or mind set.. The children will wish go online and sooner or later they will stumble upon or click, what an adult might consider inappropriate. Only mutual confidence, friendly dialogue and communication between parents and children can solve the problem and can safeguard the interests of children against internet dangers and threats. It is better for both the parents and their children to admit the reality of cyberspace with open eyes and knowledge than to close the eyes like pigeons on seeing a cat or digging the head in the sand like ostrich on seeing his prey.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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