Bellis Perennis (daisy) --- The Traumatic Homoeopathic Remedy Par Excellence.

Bellis perennis is very useful for traumlatic injuries of muscles accompanied be soreness.

Bellis perennis is very useful for traumlatic injuries of muscles accompanied be soreness.

Bellis perennis is a common European species of Daisy. Daisy is its common name. Daisy is considered archetypal species. Archetypal images are all the more significant, to study the psychology of modern man and preceding old man The concept of archetypal imaginary /symbolism is greatest contribution of Dr Jung to mankind and field of psychology. This herb belongs to the Asteracea family, having order, sterales and genus Abellis. It belongs to angiosperms plants. Daisy appears in different names like common daisy, lawn daisy, eye of the daisy, English

daisy in different parts of the world. It is native of Europe. Daisy is so popular an herb that many modern girls nickname them as daisy. They feel proud when someone calls them as daisy. Daisy is commonly found in meadows, pastures, gardens and parks through out Europe. In India daisy is found in Kashmir valley growing on river banks and meadows. It is an herbaceous plant with creeping rhizomes. This herb has spoon shaped evergreen leaves2-5cm in length .This herb has composite flower structure i.e. it has different colors and styles of yellow flowers. These flowers attract insects for pollination
Bellis perennis is a medicine of par excellence for traumatic injury to muscles of our body; not the superficial muscles of skin but deep muscles/tissues of the body. If the bruise or bruised/sore feeling is present on any organ of the body, Bellis will do its wonderful therapeutic work and will never fail its reputation as traumatic herb. .On account of this traumatic property of bellis it is also called Bruisewort. This name also signifies it effectiveness in bruised conditions of human body .It is an excellent remedy for bruises and sprains. Traumatism of the pelvic organs especially uterus and ovaries, auto- traumatism, expresses the condition calling for this remedy. Sore bruised feeling in the uterus region is very characteristic. This feeling is seen after labor in women and it persists for days. Take few doses of daisy it will remove this soreness like magic. I use this medicine routinely for difficult labor condition and bruise of female private parts after labor; and am satisfied with the results. It is really a wonderful remedy to calm down the labor pains after delivery due to muscle injury to uterus and its bruised condition. Think of this remedy for painful muscles or rheumatic pains with bruised sore feeling. Sports and exercise injuries/strains also call for this remedy.
Generative organs
of female

This medicine has peculiar and specific field of action on the female generative organs. Bruises and injuries to breast after falling or from any blunt weapon, or from striking the head of the child to breast etc. Breast and uterus engorged. Stasis is one word to describe its main action. Stasis in the female organism resulting in varicose veins. Its special sphere of action is on varicose veins during pregnancy. During pregnancy .the inability to walk due to stasis of blood or varicose veins. Uterus feels as if squeezed. Lameness of abdomen and uterus during pregnancy. Soreness of the abdominal walls of uterus . Breast Tumors or cancer developing after mechanical injuries. Breast Cancer for contusions Breast Tumor or cancer after injury. Breast Cyst ,Nodules, Lumps, after injury. Breast cyst. Breast engorged, swollen bruised. Breast and uterus engorged. Soreness, bruised sensation . Pain worse heat, better cold

Circulatory system

It especially affects circulatory system producing stasis in blood circulation. It acts on the muscular fibers of the blood vessels. Much soreness and lameness of blood vessels Lameness of muscles as if sprained. Injuries to the deeper tissues of body calls for this remedy Injuries and soreness after surgical operations. Results of injuries to the nerves with intense soreness and intolerance of cold bath.

Complaints caused by variations in temperatures.

All complaints caused by cold drinks or cold bathing when body is heated. Complaints caused by cold wind
Complaints of cold and wetness


Bellis strongly affects the skin conditions also. Its action on skin is not less marked. Boils and ecchymosed skin is also one of the active field of action of daisy. Boils with sore bruised feeling on skin anywhere on the body

When to take bellis? Or its modalities

Whatever the diseased condition of body maybe, after labor, after injury, after blunt weapon, if this bruised, soreness, lameness sensation is present in muscles or skin; you can take this remedy confidently. It will never frustrate you.
It is available on every homoeopathic medical store. Three doses of two hundred potency of the daisy are enough. It should be in every house hold to support first aid conditions.

Bellis perennis is a remedy of par excellence for bruised/ soreness sensation of the deep muscles/tissue .

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