Implications Of Liver Transplant, In The Context Of Steve Jobs Death With Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is very fatal. See its implications.

Steve jobs death at the age of 56 by deadly form of rare type of pancreatic cancer called neuro endocrine tumor leaves many a questions answered for medical community to ponder and address. Pancreatic cancer is very deadly type of cancer and once it is diagnosed its prognosis is very dim and negative. Its survival rate is very short and minimum. Pancreatic cancer is said to be fourth leading cause of cancer related deaths in America.

Pancreatic a gland is both exocrine and as well as endocrine in nature. Its exocrine part is main

part and it is concerned with digestion and digestive enzymes. The second part of pancreatic is concerned with secretion of hormones. Out of these two places of pancreas cancer may find its root any where in pancreas. Pancreas is divided into three parts viz head, body and tail. The pancreatic cancer is so deadly because it is extremely difficult to diagnose it in its initial stages. When its symptoms become severe and unbearable and it’s diagnosed by ultra sound scans etc than much damage had already been done. When it is metastasized to liver or its surrounding structures than it is almost impossible to cure it by any means.

If we see and examine the sequence of events leading to Steve jobs death; Steve had undergone surgery of tumor in 2004. The attending surgeon told Steve that it was mild tumor and called it “islet-cell neuroendocrine tumor” Steve went through many sessions of chemotherapy also. In 2009 when original tumor metastasized to liver than his liver was transplanted. On his liver transplant Steve remarked” About five months ago I had a liver transplant. So I now have the liver of a mid-20's person,” In spite of best possible efforts of surgeons and doctors Steve could not be saved and he died on in 2011. The first implication is when the pancreatic cancer is far advanced i.e.
It spreads beyond pancreas to other organs like liver than it is almost incurable. When after metastasis had developed than it useless to transplant liver as by doing so the surgeon removes the massive tumor from liver but it leaves the body devastated and weakened. This allows the original cancer to come back with more ferocity and virulence.

Cancer is not an organ disease as the dominant view is prevailing today; rather it is of systemic type involving every cell of human body. Only the holistic approach or therapy aimed at strengthening the immune system can save or prolong the life of the patients. Having gone through the costly and devastating treatment of chemotherapy the patient may delude himself of being cured but the reality is opposite in many instances. Cancer when suppressed or removed with aggressive therapy it tends to come back with more virulence and unfavorable prognosis. Cancer is so deadly that it sucks your blood and flesh and the man is reduced to a living Shelton. The body picture of Steve is testimony to what I wish to convey. Our diet and environment has become totally cancerous or carcinogenic. Our way of life or life style has undergone drastic changes from simplicity to complexity, from naturalness to artificiality. Simplicity has given way to complex and stressful life. Our diets and foods now contain lot of carcinogenic chemicals that tend to flare up cancer growth in our bodies. The processed food and food containing residual pesticides/ herbicides and other harmful chemicals tend to activate the cancer cells to grow in uncontrolled manner. The genetically derived foods and products are adding fuel to the fire. Instead of depending on chemicals in a recurring manner, we should rely on correcting our wrong food habits and environment. This is only possible way to be free from cancer

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