#female Foeticide & Female Infanticide –the Most # Heinous Crime And Blot On Punjabi Culture

Punjabi people known for their sense of generosity, warrior ship, valor and bravery since centuries, are now facing the worst self created problems. The problems of underground “water pollution” and “female foeticide” have become very acute and grave and if not immediately, remedied on priority basis, may gain dangerous proportions and dimensions in future for next generations.

The horrid and corrupt practices of female infanticide and female foeticide.in Punjab, the historic land of ten Sikh gurus is on the increase and rampant in all most all districts, with Fatehgarh district leading the heinous game and crime. It is really

a shameful act, heinous crime, barbaric activity, and disgrace for Punjab and people of Punjab. Female foeticide refers to the elimination /murdering of female fetus through abortions. It is the killing of growing infant in womb of mother before its actual birth by delivery. An overwhelming majority of people comprising more than eighty percent in sample survey studies have cited dowry as the main cause for female foeticide. Dowry seems to them the main culprit behind this heinous crime and blot on humanity. It has become part and parcel of their thinking and psyche; since marriages have become very ostensible and expensive affair, for the people of Punjab. The worst affair of the picture is that the people have started becoming fixed in their convictions and opinions that female baby is burden on their family and “sooner the elimination better it is for family” this type of collective thinking on the part of Punjabis irrespective of caste and creed is very alarming and sounds warning. They think it better to eliminate the girl child to avoid marriage responsibility of the girl child .In this act of killing they seem to save rupees twenty lakhs, The money needed for the marriage of girl child to be solemnized The rising cost of living, the renewed consciousness about status, the growing dowry demands of the parents of guys have compelled people and in particular parents of girls to think seriously about having daughters in their families. The parents are feeling the economic burden of studies of girls and dowry pressure on their minds

What is the psyche of people who give approval to the killing of fetus in the womb of mother? Their psyche is purely guided and dominated by economics and it has become totally “economic oriented” the dowry is an excuse or upper surface of “economic waters” to compensate for their purely wicked economic designs and deteriorating economic situation in Punjab.. Economics overwhelm the minds of such people above all cultural and religious considerations. When the economics, the structure of society starts overruling the minds of people and sidelining the superstructure of society in form of culture, religion, faith art and language than what happens? Punjab is glaring example of this. These are those people who swear by name of gurus and gurbani and claim themselves to be true Sikhs of gurus. They read gurbani and recite gurbani daily but they creased to derive any iota of inspiration from the teachings of gurus and shri granth sahib, the holey scripture of Sikhs, which they worship like living guru. The teachings of guru granth sahib have no impact or mark on the psyche of such wicked and mean people.. They pose to be having faith in guru granth sahib, they pose as true Sikhs, but actually they are not Sikhs in the true spirit of the term Sikh. .can a true Sikh or disciple of Guru Nanak can do the heinous crime of killing the female girl ever before her actual birth in the belly of mother? Guru Nanak was first sublime personality and religious guru in the hierarchy of religious personalities of India who openly and vehemently advocated the freedom of woman in Indian society, admired woman, glorified it for giving birth to great souls of world. In shri guru granth sahib thus says Guru Nanak:
“Why to condemn and damn woman which is birth givers to great souls”
Those people who give node and approve to female foeticide; state and opinion that girls fail to provide any social security to parents. The girls are considered to be liability and sons, the assets. Girls took dowry from their parents while sons brought huge amount of dowry for their parents. Parents could not expect their daughters to earn and feed them in old age. These are lame excuses to cover up

their own deficiencies of mind. In public participating, monitored researches, the samples and questionnaire taken, endorsed the act of female foeticide. Shame on their purely selfish and despotic thinking. .An overwhelming majority of 80 percent of them cited dowry as the cause of their main grievances against girls. The farming families argued that they had to first raise a daughter and then spend Rs 20 lakhs on her wedding. Nowadays they did not get such a huge income from their land and how can they manage to get marry their daughter. Even some doctors that have no conscience and dignity are in hand and glove with the inferior thinking of parents. In a research report of female foeticide survey a farmer is quoted as saying ,“Better to spend Rs. 1000 now and save Rs. 10 lakhs later” this is a slogan given to theme by some dirty minded doctors
In most of the instances, the deciding and guiding force behind killing of foeticide is mother in law. Incidentally, which is also a woman? It is thinking of mother in laws also that girls are not investment rather a bad debt. So they do not wish to play more girl babies in their courtyard and laps.
It is really pity and tragic that the sex ratio is minimum in Fatehgarh district of Punjab as compared to other districts of Punjab. Fatehgarh sahib is that religious and historical city of Punjab where the two sons of Guru Gobind Singh were inhumanly tortured to death on the orders of sultanate of sir hind.

Some of the respondents and approval of female feticide give the slogan “Bringing up a daughter is like watering a neighbourer’s plant” such type unconscious statements of people show and confirm how deeply man is inspired and guided by economic aspects of this social problem. A considerable sixty percent of the respondents who were consulted by samples, cited post marital problems faced by the girl, lack of social security provided by female children and denial of property to the girl child as the reason for approving female feticide. All this stuff of statements made on behalf of people vividly shows that roots of social –economic problem of female feticide are actually deep rooted in the socio –economic situation of Punjab which have gradually and suddenly undergone such metaphorsis of the thinking process and mind-set of the people.
As per 2001 census there were 796 girls after one thousand guys. Fatehgarh sahib has earned the dubious distinction of having lowest sex ratio of mere 750 girls after one thousand boys. The gradual but steadily declining sex ratio of Punjab will have wider implications in Punjab. When there will be no girls in Punjab; how the guys will get girls for their marriage. They will have to lead the life of bachelors. The decline in the number of female children would lead to degradation of ethical , moral , social , religious ,values and hence degradation of all social fabric. There will be many fold increase in the incidents of rape, murder, violence, against girls and woman. The life of people will be adulterated and polluted further with depravity of moral sense. There will be total collapse and chaos in human relationships. The potential dangers of declining sex ratio will become evident in future and the coming generations will not forgive us for shirking our responsibility of not restoring the sex ratio to its required level. The learned and educated people of Punjab should shoulder this responsibility with full enthusiasm and force.

Legislative measures and law enforcement against dowry can not alone root out this problem of huge volume, hue and color. The participation and education of people is must. Unless it becomes mass movement nothing can be expected to solve this social problem of huge magnitude. Above all the mind-set and psyche of people has to be completely changed. It is gradual process of social change but some social organizations and woman organizations must take the initiative. Laws have been passed declaring female feticide as illegal but loopholes of such laws should be religiously plugged. So that people may not exploit these loopholes.

As per 2001 census there were 796 girls after one thousand buys.


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