Role Of Selenium In Body Metabolism

selenium is very toxic poison. If this is employed homoeopathically than it has poetential to cure many degenrative diseses of genertive system, blood vascular diseses  and skin diseses.

he main theme or functions of selenium in our body is:

#boosting of immune system

#Activation of anti oxidant enzymes in human body

The whole activity of selenium is focused on two above said activities of our body. Both these activities are of paramount significance as far as our body functions and metabolism are concerned. Selenium induces healthy functioning of immune system by activating antioxidant enzymes thus protecting tissues of body

Selenium is

an essential mineral and trace element with multiple important functions/roles in the body. It prevents free radical damage of body thus preventing aging process. It cures pruritus of hands with violent itching in the palms of hands. Its role in thyroid metabolism is well established. It also cures easy exertion from any physical labor

In heavy toxic doses and crude poisoning its effects includes various degerative diseases pertaining to blood vascular system, male reproductive system especially impotence and discharge of prostate fluid It also cures nervous exhaustion caused by seminal losses.

Involuntary dribbling of urine while walking or after act of urination or stool, due to utter nervous exhaustion. Escape of seminal fluids particularly when staining at stool. It causes hairs to fall from generative organs, eyebrows and eyelashes. The patients get easily debilitated by heat of sun or exposure to sun. Nails and hairs come under its special effect. Diseases of thyroid and skin are also greatly influenced by its poisoning.

Selenium helps to protect the body against free radical damage and the degenerative diseases that it can cause, in toxic doses, reducing the risk of heart disease, infertility and help to increase immunity. Enlargement of liver with loss of appetite, sharp stitching pains in liver and sensitiveness of liver, comes under its effect
Selenium was introduced and proved by Hering. It leading feature in homoeopathic prescribing is its easy fatigue from any labour, night watching, and mental exertion and especially from hot weather.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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