Probable Potential Dangers/ Risks Of Genetically Modified Crops To Plant And Animal Life

GMC (genetically managed crops) have started proving curse to humanity and shedding all round negative effects.. There was a time when news paper reports and web pages were flooded with reports about the possibilities of GMC. Once GMC were considered to be miracle crops .When GMC were started there was hope that these crops will revolutionize the whole domain of human life and will open new vistas chapters in the history of mankind. It was not too long when this euphoria about GMC started waning. Now new negative reports with same initial enthusiasm are coming daily about the potential dangers

and risks of these crops. A new research report just published has thrown new light on the probable dangers of these crops. According to this report the increased incidence of miscarriages among animals are directly linked to the usage of these GMC crops. According to ongoing research being conducted by Emeritus Professor Don Huber from Purdue University in Indiana, the increased incidence of spontaneous miscarriages is likely a result of genetically-modified (GM) crops and the pesticides and herbicides used to grow them. The recent upswing in crop failures is also attributed to the combined cumulative effect of use of gmc seeds and use of pesticides and herbicides. These new findings about gmc crops were reported on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The researcher Huber says that, GM systems are clearly a detriment to the environment, animal health and likely human health. Huber told reporters that there are from twenty percent to fifty percent chances of miscarriages
in animals that contact the pathogen by eating GMC corn / soybeans Don Huber says.”[The pathogen] will kill a chicken embryo, for instance, in 24-48 hours." The plant life is meeting the same fate as their counter part animals; gmc and their chemicals are robbing and plundering the nutrients of the soil and preventing the uptake of the nutrients from soil. The ecological atmosphere of plant life is so disturbed that it leaves the plants easy prey to many pathogens and eventually killing diseases. The researcher has advocated a now theory that if you have the GM gene present than there is reduced efficiency of plants to utilize the nutrients of the soil. The increasing use of glycophosate has led to many fold increase in the incidence of plant diseases. Glycophosate is claimed to be the world's biggest selling herbicide by its manufacturer Monsanto. It is also said to be highly effective at killing weeds, safe to users and members of the public and harmless to the environment. Glyphosate is herbicide. It is sprayed on the leaves of plants to kill both broad leaved plants and grasses. The tall claims of the owner of Glyphosate are proving otherwise and negative to environment. This case vividly authenticates the uselessness of genetically engineered plants/crops and the fallacies of genetical engineering about the recombinant of genes for the betterment. Of crops



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