How To Desensitize Electro-- Hypersensitivity?

Electro hypersensitivity or EHS is the super sensitivity of human body to electricity or electro magnetic field. It is an immune response to the waves of electro magnetic fields. Some persons have idiosyncrasy for electricity and electro magnetic fields. Ideosyncrancy is sudden response of human body’s immune system to electricity or electro magnetic field. Some persons have severe kind of EHS than normal persons. The frequency and duration of the electromagnetic field can trigger EHS at different intensities, depending on the person’s health. The duration of exposure to electromagnetic field counts much for this type of reaction. In recent days

a press report was published on this topic which is very interesting and astonishing. Under the heading “British woman develops allergy to electricity following chemotherapy treatment “was published in Gaurdina daily of British. The author of this report is Andy Bloxham. According to this report the British woman Janice Tunnicliffe cannot watch TV, keeps her washing machine in a concrete outhouse and cannot have neighbors with wireless internet because she is "allergic" to electricity. These problems began following chemotherapy treatment for her bowel cancer. The cancer was in its primary stage and there was no sign of metastasis. It was decided that she should have chemotherapy sessions after her surgery as a precautionary measure. Shortly afterward the chemotherapy, her unusual allergic problem started, she began to feel ill whenever she was near electrical and wireless devices in her home. She became allergic to electro magnetic field.
Tunnicliffe, aged 55, cannot bear to be anywhere near electromagnetic fields of any kind. She even had to cover her windows with a special metallic material to deflect any electromagnetic waves coming in. This is not the first allergic reaction of its kind. During the storm when atmosphere is electrically
charged many patients suffer from severe kind of allergic reactions. Some feel awfully anxiety symptoms, others feel suffocated to the point of death. Some people can not sleep under high tension wires of electricity passing on their roofs. They feel restless the whole night. The allergic reactions do not happen randomly they are caused because the body cannot tolerate certain chemicals, environments, etc. Human body has it own environment like outside environment. When any antigen or chemical in any form invades its territory, the body’s immune system immediately comes into play to identify and kill the invading agents. Our lymphatic system is well versed in the exercise of killing these invaders at their entry points instantly.
Is there any solution to such reactions .one way is to avoid in touch with electro magnetic devices emitting radiations or shun these devices completely. This seems to be impossible practically in the age of domination of these electric devices in our daily life .who can avoid the use of oven, fridge or cell phone? All these devices emit radiations. The solution of this problem lies in homoeopathy. We have one potentised drug called electricity. It is well proved remedy. In its pathogenesis we find many electro allergic type symptoms. It will desensitize the body of the victim to electro magnetic radiations. After taking this medicine in potency form he will not be susceptible to the radiations caused by electro magnetic field. If the constitution of the victim is of phosphorous type than he can take phos in high potency in potentised form. This medicine is great antidote to electric shocks and its sudden effects. I have verified its efficacy in electric shocks many a times.

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