How To Make Eye-drops From Euphraisa Herb At Home?

Eye is an important organ of body. It needs our care and attention. Generally we use ready made synthetic eye drops manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. We use these drops for itching and irritation of our eyes. Sometimes there is burning in our eye when our eyes suffer from allergy type symptoms. There are many types of eye prep ratios or drops available in the market Albucid ((Sulfacetamide) is very common. These chemical eye drops have very minor type’s adverse effects also. One side effect is very common that when we put these drops in to our eyes there is dropping

of droplets into our throat also .It is very annoying for some people. .our eyes ears and throat are inter connected correlated and well associated.

Substitute to chemical eye droops

Euphraisa Officinalis herb is a natural habitat is Alpine pastures, and grassy places it is found throughout Britain, Europe, Asia and parts of US. The main centre of action of this herbal medicine is on the conjuctival membrane. It produces inflammation of conjuctival with profuse lachrymation of eyes. The eye drops prepared from this plant juice are natural as well as very efficacious and soothing/comforting to the eyes. The extract or tincture of this plant is very efficacious for allergy of the eyes. When our eyes become allergic to some antigens or allergen than whenever any allergen comes in contact with our eyes than our eyes start watering and itching with redness of eyes. The nose starts flowing. And eyes water all the time. The peculiarity of nasal discharge is that is not acrid or irritating while the discharge from eyes is corroding and irritating .Put some drops of this plant tincture in your eyes. You will feel instant relief from allergic symptoms. Keep your eyes closed for sometime to have the full effect of the eye drops.

How to prepare eye drops from this herb?

To prepare eye drops from this plant is very simple and easy. Take some mother tincture of this plant from a homoeo pharmacy. 30 ml is enough for whole

family. Take one distilled water bottle from the bazaar. Take some plastic vials in 5ml or 10ml size. Put euphraisa mother tincture and distilled water in the ratio of one is to ten. Than shake it thoroughly and vigorously with your hands. Put this vial in freezer of your refrigerators. You can make the solution concentrated or diluted as per your requirements. If the prepared solution is very irritating to your eye than add more water in to it and shake it well. .when it is chilled put some drops into you’re eyes. Whenever you feel that your eyes feel fatigued or irritated put some drops in your eyes and close your eyes for sometime. Your can distribute it among your friends they will fell greatly obliged to you for this act of kindness. These eye drops have multi health benefits .some remarkable and verified health benefits of eye drops prepared from euphraisa herb are:
• This is very natural
• There is no side or adverse effect
• It cleanses the eye of dust particles splendidly.
• Eye strain from sitting long hours of working on computer and T.Vwatching
• Swellings and agglutination of the eye lids.

• If something is put in your eye never rub your eyes put some drops in your eyes.
• It is boon to relieve allergic symptoms of eyes.
• It is very cheap also.
• It is very efficacious for habitual redness of eyes
• It is also very useful for fatigued eyes
• It is par excellence for eye strains after study or fine needle work.
• It is also efficacious for acute conjunctivitis, corneal ulceration
• It may be used for any infection of the eye


The eye-drops prepared from euphrasia mother tincture are very efficacious for the allergic conditions of eye. Make the eye drops at home with ease---

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professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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