Homoeopathic Way Of Dealing With # Unrequited Love

Nothing is more tormenting than # unrequited love.If you have fell prey to it than here is cure for your sobbing and sighing

Nothing is more tormenting than # unrequited love.If you have fell prey to it than here is cure for your sobbing and sighing

Unrequited love is love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such, even though reciprocation is usually deeply desired. The beloved may or may not be aware of the admirer's deep affections. The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines unrequited as "not reciprocated or returned in kind. It is very heartbreaking as being in love with someone, and not having some one’s love reciprocated. So it is totally one side love or platonic love. There are

three things in love affair namely--. Lover love and beloved. In unrequited love one side is missing lover or beloved. When one side is obsessively and passionately involved in love affair but the other side is indifferent or tomalley oblivion to this than it is very anguishing situation for the subject concerned. This psychosomatic situation may give birth to too many diseases in the later stages of life .so from psychological point of view it is very grim situation and must be resolved amicably and permanently. Many a classical movies are based on this theme of one-sided love or unrequitedloveThe lover or beloved on loves intensely and secretly but he is unable to convey his or her feelings of love to the other side or other side does not know it than this can create very painful emotional symptoms like this
Weeping alone
Sadness and anxiety
Anorexia mentalis
Tics and chorea
Jerking and trembling
Desire to commit suicide
Indifferent to personal care
Indifferent to surrounding
Absorbed and buried in thoughts of past.
As far homoeopathy is concerned this depressive situation of mind can be permanently resolved with the use of energy medicine in very high potency. Homoeopathy has nothing to do
with the bodily or disease symptoms. Its prime field of action is the individualization of human behavior and gathering of the mental symptoms. The symptoms of unrequited love are the classical symptoms of three homoeopathic energies namely Ignatia, Nat mur Aid phos and Tarantula hisp.Any one medicine can be chosen from these medicines according to the mental picture of the patient. It will be not inappropriate to narrate one such case from my early practice. It was a case of sixth month duration of a college going girl. This girl was deeply involved emotionally with a guy of the same college but she neither told her parents nor the guy to whom shelved passionately. After the completion of the studies when the guy left the college, she became very depressed and started weeping constantly. She was totally sleepless. Tranquilizers and anti depressants prescribed by the physicians were of no use at all.. One very characteristic trait of her obsessive behavior was that she was constantly peeping in to the looking glass. I hypnotized the girl and within minutes she was asleep. There is one rubric in Barthel’s Synthetic repertory ‘’wretched she feels when looking into the glass “I took this symptom as the guiding symptom of her psyche and prescribed one dose of Nat mur 10m It is the homoeopathic remedy prepared from the common salt that we eat daily i.e. sodium chloride, with lot of placebo. One she returned after one month for follow up, she was totally well with no iota of depression or weeping etc.The potentised table salt saved her life from deep rooted anxiety, sleeplessness and depression.

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