How Drug Addiction Is Causing Impotency And Infertility Among Youth Of Punjab?

The synergistic relationship of alcohol, drugs, addiction and impotency is giving way to infertility in Punjab with ever falling sperm count to dangerous levels..

There is glut of drugging in Punjab these days. Some surveys have alarmingly demonstrated that seventy five percent youth of Punjab is addicted to drugging. . The state is on the verge of jeopardy of enthusiastic and valiant youth. The drug menace in Punjab is achieving alarming dimensions. The youth is hovering around chemist shops and around drugs like bees around honey and beehives. The guns and ammunitions of enemies could not kill Punjabis but now

Punjabis are killing themselves with drugs. Alcohol and drugs have become as much integral part of the economy and politics as the colorful youth. The drug epidemic is plaguing the youth of Punjab. Three –forth youth of Punjab are bathing in the river of alcoholism, intoxicants and drugging. De-addiction drives and centers are proving ineffective to curtail this menace. Alcohol, that is a common gateway to other intoxicants, is a serious problem in Punjab.

The misuse of drugs is as old as history of making but in recent years or decades a new dimension has been added to drug abuse in the lives of teenagers and youngsters of Punjab. Punjabis once known for their velour, gallantry and bravery stories are now engaged in many forms of drug abuse and drug addiction. The adverse effects of narcotic drugs and other intoxicants can be gauged from the simple fact that after marriage many girls have started leaving their young married partners as they were found tobe utterly impotent because of drug addiction. Many such cases of drug addiction area coming on the surface but it is only the tip of iceberg as impotency is considered as scar or stigma on the reputation of family. Many cases are being hushed up. It is proper time for enlightened people to address this problem in its earnest, otherwise if remedial action was not taken promptly in its proper perspective the narcotics drugs have potential to make the new generation of Punjab totally impotent infertile.

The saddest aspect of problem is that drug addiction and drug misuse is finding social acceptability among youth of

Punjab. Many social ills have already become social status of Punjabi culture. It is taking the form of fashion among youth. The new generation of teenagers is totally forgetting its glorious historical and cultural tradition is wholly solely indulging in narcotics Impotence or erectile dysfunction was once considered deadly nightmare.
The negative effects are becoming are so serious that even WHO has revealed that wide spread abuse of alcohol, opium, narcotics and other intoxicants have led to drastic fall in the average level of sperm count of Punjabis. The average sperm count of Punjabis has fallen from 60million to 15 million. This drastic fall of sperm count has further led to prevalence of male infertility among Punjabi youth. This is the real reason for mushrooming growth of artificial fertility centres all over the sate.

What is impotence or erectile dysfunction as more sophisticated term for impotency? Impotence is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection to perform intercourse or ejaculation. It is totally lack of manhood. Once the main cause of impotency was considered to be diseases of various kind but now with the addition of new dimension drugs and intoxicants are proving the main villain.. It is estimated that over 70% of all serious impotence cases are the result of diabetes, kidney diseases, multiple sclerosis, endocrine disorders, vascular diseases and high blood pressure, as well as neurological diseases. It is estimated that between 50% and 60% of diabetic men are impotent. There exists a synergic relationship between drugs, addiction, diabetes and impotency. To overcome or compensate for the adequacies and weakness of sex the youth starts adhering to alcohol and other sex enhancing drugs and these in turn create more serious health problems on the endocrine and nervous level. Many surveys have demonstrated that 25 percent of all alcoholics become impotent -- even after they stop drinking.
If the orgies of drug intoxication went on unchecked among youth than day is not far when male infertility will surpass female infertility and alcohol consumption will surpass milk consumption in the state.


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