Which Elemental Type Personality You Are?

Which personality type you are really? I am furnishing some hints of each elemental personality types. Know your exact personality traits.

The study of four elements of life and nature is very fascinating and mysterious subject. Whole domain of activity of human life and Mother Nature is composed of four fundamental elements namely earth, fire, air, water. The ratio of these four basic elements in the composition of human beings is not same in all human beings. They differ tremendously as far as d dominance of one element is concerned in their life and personality. There is natural pre ponderance

to dominate one of the four elements in their psyche. We have no conscious control of our self. The aggregations of our snaskar i.e. our pre dispositions move us. The obese people dominate in earth element and they are earth type. The intellectual dominate in air element. The intuitive people dominate in fire element. The emotional and sentimental people dominate in water element. These four elements signify great personality traits and characteristics. On the basis of these four elements the idea of personality trait or personality types can be formed. We can divide or classify whole people or human beings into four unique personality types namely:

Earthly type personality

Air type personality

Water type personality

Fire type personality

Water type personality

All living or non living matter is composed of four elements. Fire and air are out wardly and upward flowing elements in direction and energy and earth and water are inward downward flowing elements in direction and energy.. A Greek philosopher in fifth century B.C. advocated the concept of tetrasoma means four doctrines of four elements. According to this philosopher these four elements are not only physical basis of life or material substances but also essence of spiritualism. He associated these four elements with four gods. The corresponding god of air is Zeus. Earth is associated with god Hera. Fire is associated with Hades. The corresponding god of

water is Nestis. The analytical psychologist Carl C.J. Jung while furnishing psychological touch to these elements associated these elements with sensuousness, intellectualism, intuitionism and emotionalism. These are four unique qualities of human life.

The four elements describe four distinct and unique personality types associated with zodiac signs. These elements exhibit profound influence on the personality, behavior and thinking process of the persons. The unique combination and proportion of these four elements shape the personality and psyche of the person. These determine the pre dispositional nature and character of man. Man is moved and guided by its pre dispositional tendencies inherent in human beings. Even the food habits, characteristic traits and specialized choices are ordained by the combination of these elements. These elements work as roller coaster in the life of the person imparting swings to his mood.

The existence of four elements is not equal proportion in the build up of human personality. Some dominate on the others. Thus some become inferiors. Mostly one element gets fully expressed while others remain in recessive or inferior form. Generally, there exists equilibrium in the functioning of these elements but when at times the imbalance is created by the excessive dominance of element than one particular trait gets expressed in our personality. . When at times the element of fire pre dominates on other elements we tend to be very aggressive and violent and loose our senses.

The astrological signs of earth personality are Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, the astrological signs of air are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, the astrological signs of fire are: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, the astrological signs of water are Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Thus the study of human beings as distinct and unique personality types based on these elements is very interesting and fascinating

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