First Signs Of # Schizophrenia In Children

The loss of will, the loss of confidence, the double mindedness, and the suspiciousness are the guiding symptoms to identify schizophrenia in your young children

Schizophrenia is severe life long mental disorder. Countless people in the world are suffering from this mental disorder and are taking anti depressant drugs and tranquilizers for the acute manifestation of this disorder Loss of confidence is its hallmark or characteristic symptom. This trait may rightly be described the epicenter of this disorder. Man’s real strength lies in his will and not in his muscles. In this mental disorder the will of self become

almost zero. It may be said that the victim is devoid of will power. Our muscles move because of our will. Take the will away from muscles they will not move at all. The guiding force of nervous system is our will power. The corollary of loss of will is loss of confidence. The victim of schizophrenia has total loss of confidence. He can neither believe in himself nor in others. Mentally he becomes totally wreck.
Out of this loss of will power and loss of confidence comes the doubdtness and suspicion. If such child goes to the market to make purchases with his parents he can not make a sound decision for any thing. His mind is always wavering. In such situation the parents can see signs of confusion on the face of the child very clearly. Mentally, he becomes very suspicious. He starts doubting each and everything that surround him or her, even his family members and friends. Out
of this suspiciousness comes the secretiveness. He starts doing everything secretly.
. How to identify this disorder in your children at their young age? While making him studies or getting him prepared for his lesions; you will see his puzzled behavior and mental confusion. His sharpness and pointed ness of mental faculty is gone. He becomes dull headed. He starts doing things repeatedly out of his loss of confidence. He repeats a sentience number of times. Still his mind is blank. He can not remember anything in school. He starts loosing the thread of conversation. His decision making power of things is gone. He is fixed in to be or not to be situation and can not come out of this situation of confusion for hours. When he sits for reading, he can not decide which book is to be read. First he opens chemistry book than physics than mathematics and goes on repeating like this. All his time is wasted in this mental conflict and confusion. He becomes very fastidious and orderly. The smallest disturbance in the house greatly pinches and agonises him or her. He wastes all his time in making order in his house or arranging things in harmonious manner. When someone in the neighborhood laughs he thinks that people are laughing at him and mocking at her. This suspiciousness goes on increasing with advancement of the age of the child. These are the preliminary symptoms of the schizophrenic psyche which you can identify and recognize with little effort.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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