#steve Jobs—the Great Visionary, Technocrat, Co Founder Of # Apple Is No More –a Tribute To Creative Genius.

#Steve jobs—the great visionary, technocrat, co founder of # Apple is no more –A Tribute to visionary and creative genius.

 Steve Jobs was that crative genius that shaped the thinking of world by  making far reaching and evolutinary cahnges in computig world.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died on Wednesday at the age of 56 after long illness and battling with cancer. He was chief executive officer of apple. He was the man behind Apple revolution. He resigned this post in augus2011 not being able to handle the job. He was suffering from pancreatic cancer since 2004. He battled with pancreatic cancer

for twelve years and ultimately yielded to cancer. Steve received liver transplant in 2009. All the sincere friends of jobs, lovers of technology are greatly and deeply saddened by untimely demise of Mr. Jobs and are mourning in shock
Steve was college drop out and the son of adoptive parent’s .jobs changed the technology world in the late seventies when the Apple 11 became the first personal computer to gain popularity and wide following. Jobs changed the family habits of millions by reinventing computing, music, and mobile phones. He was the man behind iconic products such as the ipod,, iphone and ipad .The world community feels greatly debted for these revolutionary technological devices to Mr. Steve.

The tributes flooded for the man who changed the way the world thinks about tecnnology.Bill Gates, the cofounder of rival technology company Microsoft and a friend ad of Mr. Jobs lamented his death as.’ He

will miss him immensely”. Steve has profound impact on the psychology of people regarding technology and this will be felt for many generations to come. America ‘s president Barrack Obama paid tribute to Mr. Jobs by saying.” the world has lost a visionary.” Face book founder Zuckerberg wrote on his face book page:” Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world. I will miss you”.

Mark Steve was among the greatest innovators of world—braves enough to think positively and differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world. Steve’s brilliance, sharp intellect, zeal and passion, and visionary mind were the source of countless innovations that have enriched and improved our daily lives. Today, the world is immeasurably better because of Mr. Steve’s innovations.
Glowing tributes are being paid to this creative genius on social net working sites such as Face book and Twitter. Steve was trending on twitter after his death.
.Apple’s products under his dynamic and visionary leadship have had a profound impact on people’s minds, unequalled by another company in the information and technology space. May his soul rest in peace and may Almighty grant the family the sufficient strength to bear this personal loss.

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