Body Language The Most Subtle And Impressive Way Of Deciphering The Encoded Language Of Mind

When we talk of non verbal communication of our body system or non verbal language of our body the face is the most expressive part of the body organs and face is also equally the same important part in willfully transmitting wrong picture of emotions of mind to observer,. Some people are very expert in transmitting deceptive language of face to convince the others to their view point or motives. They can easily entrap and deceive the observer by wrong information.

Facial expression and gestures constitute the significant part of human language. Our body language is mostly expressed on our

face in the form of facial impressions. Almost all body organs of human body convey the language of mind in their own unique way Even the organs hidden from our sight and views are speaking the same language of mind. Have you ever heard the heart throbbing in love making or first love making? Have your eve seen the heart fluttering with full force when one is frightened and paralyzed. Our arms, our hands, our legs, our feet, our toes are speaking the language of mind. The encoded impressional and gestural language of our body is very complex and having multi layers, and multi color shades. So it is not easy to follow it or decipher it. Only the receiving mind that is in resonance with the sending mind can decipher these pieces of information exactly. .

Nevertheless, of course, we are not masters of this art, even than we can formulate some outlines of this complex art in our minds. This article is to enable the common reader mind in that direction,. We go on speaking through our body language .whatever we say or what is said is not so important, the important is the way it is said or conveyed. The ways in which our emotions are expressed are all the important. There is an old proverb in Punjabi culture depicting the importance of ways of saying every girl darkens her eyes with surma (It is a refined power to darken the eyes) but only few girls know how to use it stylishly. What is said and how it is said are the major factors in the perceptions of our emotions.. The movements of body, especially of face are used as cues to interpret

and understand people’s emotions
Body language


Body language is a non verbal subtle way of expressing our emotions and feelings in a impressive and powerful way. The most significant among these non verbal cues are the facial expressions. What area facial expressions? The facial expressions are the encoded messages of a person’s mind, which the mind transmits on the face for others reading and deciphering. Now it depends on the interpreting mind how he takes these and interprets them. The deciphering quality of mind differs from person to person. It also depends on the intensity of emotions or messages. How powerful an enthusiastic the transmitted messages are actually? The mind releases or transmits two kinds of messages in to ones face .one are of high frequency the others are of low frequency .we know well in high frequency notes or messages the photos and voice are also recorded, and transmitted to receiver. Charles Darwin has rightly said in nineteenth century that there is innate or inborn basis for the facial expressions or certain emotions. And now the psychologists are reasonable sure of that and have confirmed that fact. The facial emotions are primary and fundamental emotions –excitement, surprise, distress, disgust, anger, shame and fear. When we interact or encounter with other people there are other sources of information also. We receive a strong stream of non verbal information and powerful part of this information is our body language in the form of gestures—eye movements, head movements, shifting in position or posture, movements of arms legs and hands. These provide us lot of information of the working of the other person in front of us. These messages provide us significant cues about the emotions and motives of the person in front of us .In modern age there is renewed interest and surge of the studying and analyzing of body language.. In homoeopathic literature and practice of medicine the gestures and the body language is given the prime importance in selecting and choosing the right medicine. Body language and gestures are the most peculiar striking and rare symptoms to be relied upon; because these speak the human morbid mind in their unique language of gestures.

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