How Extra Cautiousness In Love Affair And Love Making Is Sure Sign Of Guilty Complex And Fear Complex

The display of obsessive and compulsiveness type of extra cautiousness during love making or love affair is sure sign of her faithlessness and depravity of her mind. While love making or f rollicking with a lover if one of the partners becomes extra cautious or displays signs of extra cautiousness, than what is the psychology of this cautiousness? It is sure sign of not going well and something grave and grim at the bottom it is more than certain. It is almost as sure as death. It is really a great psychological truth and I have enough chances to prove the
truth of this statement. Perhaps in the beginning you may not agree with me but in the end I am sure you will endorse me and confirm the truth and validity of the statement. Let us examine what is cautiousness? Why people become extra vigilant or cautious? Cautious is state of mind of extra alertness vigilance. Attentive to examine probable effects and consequences of acts with a view to avoid danger or misfortune; prudent; circumspect; wary; watchful it is extra awakening of the surrounding and environment circumstances. Let us split this state of mind into in to its finer components Alertness Anxiousness Endangered feeling Threatening Fear complex Guilty complex Faithfulness Aggressiveness Anticipation Suspiciousness Hurriedness Seriousness Nervous excitement / tension / anxiety / tenseness These are the finer and refined elements and components of cautiousness. These will be expressed in cautious mentality and personality in one way or the other at different times. At one time some of elements will be dominant and at other times the other elements may be prevailing. What makes one cautious in behavior or what is driving force behind such a behavior the simple answer is fear and danger. Now we can easily conclude that cautiousness is endangering and threatening mental or social situation. Now the question arises what is danger or threat? It may be actual perceiving social situation of danger or threat or it may be just the delusion of the endangered and threatened situation. In both situations the truth of the statement is true. Cautiousness is great mental trait of some fearful and nervous type of people engaged in the world of killing and crime by always remaining vigilant to the surrounding and circumstances.It almost becomes their life style or way of life . The vigilant people are very accustomed or predisposed to it. These outwardly seem to be composed and relaxed but inwardly these are very anxious, timid and fearful and anticipatory. They
anticipate the events before they actually happen. There is always sense of apprehension in their minds. These are constantly on their four. Their nerves and nervous system is always in a fret. Fretfulness becomes their dominant way of life .The out ward cautiousness and masked bravery, gets reflected on the mind and body (nervous system) in the form of twitching, jerking and tremors. These mild twitchings and slow fluttering of muscles fiber show, how deep their nervous system is in turmoil and consternation. This also show degrading and weakling of their neurological system .They may be sitting and standing in a composed manner and posture but you will see signs of anxiety and tenseness on their face or by the movements of their body parts. I have often found fidgety of legs and feet in such people. . Our senses become very acute and keen whenever we are in endangered situation and our nervous system works thousands time faster than in normal routine situations. In such situations our senses and nerves convey and transmit the messages with lightening and electricity like rapidity. If during love making one of the partners becomes extra serious suddenly, than think that some past distressful and undesirable event has eclipsed the mind. In spite of smiling and laughing attitudes and postures and the best of efforts to cover up ,one can not shed this shadow from mind. Only thing needed are your sharp preying eyes to see the event happening on her face. So be sure, if you find, while frolicking with your partner or friend or making love with her, she becoming extra conscious and cautious. if your find such behavior in attitudes of cautiousness ,than she is sure suffering from either some deep threatening situation which she will never tell you or she is hiding something of serous nature from you or she is lost in some guilty complex of her past life. outwardly in spite your repeating assertiveness,she will never tell you or share with you. on the contrary she may try to cove up her internal anxiety and anxiousness with outward show of bravery or by camposed posture, or by laughing and smiling gestures of her face but in spite of her best efforts something must be leaking out over which she has no control. so whenever you find yourself in such a situation , always try to observe what is leaking out of her behavior in the form of bodily language movements and gestures, and above all through facial expressions and impressions. .

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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