Homoeopathy Can Miraculously Cure The Side Effects Of Chemotherapy And Radiotherapy

 To counteract  the adverse and bad effects of chemotherapy and radiotherpay adop HOmoeopathy which is safe and secure as it is energy not molecules of matter.

It is evident and known fact that conventional medicine is suppressing therapy. It never cures the ailing vital force or immune system but suppresses some of the most trouble some and tormenting symptoms affording relief to the patient. It is make shift arrangement for diseases. Cancer patients are treated three ways in conventional medicine

Surgery or resection



Boldly speaking there is no treatment for cancer in conventional therapy when after surgery chemotherapy and

radio therapy is resorted than many unwanted and unpleasant symptoms in the form of side effects and adverse effects appear on the body. There is long list of such symptoms but some of the major and prominent symptoms may be listed below

Nausea and vomiting

Itching of skin and dermatitis

Falling of hair of scalp

Weight loss

Loss of hunger

Mouth sores and ulceration

Languor and weakness

Many victims of chemotherapy and radiotherapy use complementary and alternative system of medicine to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy. What homoeopathy can afford to such patients who are undergoing ehe devastation of chemotherapy and radiotherapy? How safe and effective homoeopathic medicines are for this condition? Such patients should be very cautious and aware many non homoeopathic medicines in the name of homoeopathy are in circulation in the market. These so called homoeopathic medicines are earning bad name and fame for homoeopathy and doing no benefit to the victims at all. The manufactures of these non homoeopathic medicines are doing good business and earring a lot by the swing of the popularity of homoeopathy
Here are some hints for the homoeopathic medicines and their symptoms for adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Radio brom 30

Radio brom is excellent medicine to counteract the adverse and bad effects of radiation the skin irritation and dermatitis produced by the exposure of radians finds excellent medicine in radio brom. It has great history and reputation for curing this

trouble some condition. Remember there is no medicine in homoeopathy for tropical application. Such medicines are available in market but these are not homoeopathic. The homoeopathic principle is antagonistic to the applications of ointments on skin.


Nausea is frequent side effects of chemotherapy. Ipecac is wonderful medicine to cure this condition. Constant nausea and retching not relieved in the least by vomiting is the guiding and striking symptom of ipecac. If this symptom is present it will never make you fail.

Phos 30

Great thirst for cold water even icy cold water after chemotherapy and traditional therapy is the frequent symptom found in cancer victims. It is great clinical symptom verified by many times in practice phos has one very prominent symptoms. After drinking cold water when it becomes warm in stomach it is ejected out as vomiting. After drinking cold water the patient vomits the contents of stomach after 30 or 20 minutes afterwards. There is coal like bringing in the stomach due to traditional burning of cancerous cells. Phos is wonderful constitutional medicine it should be used only with the advice of the homoeopath and only if symptoms of phos are present.

Mouth sore


Mouth sore consequent on chemotherapy is also very troublesome condition. There are number of non homoeopathic ready made homoeo medicines for this condition. I have found one such non homoeopathic medicine Traumeel S that is sold under the banner of homoeopathy. It is combination of 14 homoeo medicines and is not homoeopathic in the least. Such absurd combination medicines are tarnishing the glorious action and history of homoeopathy .It is very painful that even scientific studies on such non homoeopathic medicines are conducted.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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