Too Much Consciousness About Health May Be Obsession?

Concern for health is positive and healthy attitude but to feel obsessed about health is anxious and torturous state of mind.

Do you know if you are too much concerned about your health and with minor injury or ailment you become extra conscious of it, this may be the stating point of your being obsessed wit health. Modern man’s mind is constantly occupied with health and its related topics. To be conscious of health is healthy and is not bad a thing but when this carefulness and fastidiousness about health takes the form of anxiety and obsession or it becomes neurotic

than it is very injurious to health itself fatal enough to destroy physical and mental health of the concerned. In such a scenario the victim becomes the subject of a full blown eruption of volcanic anxiety .and violence.. To be careful about ones healthal and to feel concerned about one’s health is born instinct in man but when this preserving instinct is transformed into a vicious type of health anxiety and starts giving birth to panic attacks about health in ones mind than this concerted ness of health instead of improving the health of man and furnishing it juvenility starts adversely eating into the very health of man. To maintain good posture and health man starts taking different types of mixtures, combinations, salts and chemicals, drugs , steroids or starts doing extensive exercising of varied nature obsessively. All these things adversely affect his health .Frequent excursing strolling and jogging in morning is good for body and mind. Sound mind in sound body is a time tested saying of wise and learned people of society. But what will you call it when some guy does this weight lifting or other mechanical exercise incessantly for hours? Is he or she really exercising for health? No not at all. He is only fighting with internal anxiety and restlessness, lessening his mental anxiety and relaxing his mind. Which otherwise would have overcome his mind to do more reckless things detrimental to his self and society. This is not exercising in the name of exercising. The guy is not at all conscious that he is suffering from a severe mental disorder called obsession or compulsion in the language of psychiatry and psychology. Extreme of every this is bad and moderation is the rule of healthy harmonious life style. According to modern researches and findings in the field of psychology more than 2% people who do exercises are obsessed with these frantic exercises. It means they can not stop exercising in no way whatever. People do sporting, running, walking, traveling to avoid restless feeling in their mind. I have seen a new trend emerging in well developed societies that more and more people have started going to gym housegs.Similarly you must have seen in house holds that many people especially women are very maniac about cleanliness of their houses
and self .when I ask these patients why they do cleanliness so incessantly of there hands and houses ?.They affirmatively ask me is it bad to clean hands or houses? Rationalization is a big technique that human mind always uses to cover up its own inadequacies and inefficiencies. This shows that these people are so fixed in their habits that it becomes really difficult for them to change them .Fixedness of mind on any idea or thing is in itself a psychological trait of vital significance. If you peep into the psyche of such persons with interest and deeply than many traits of social cracks such as cruelty, obscenity, selfishness, absurdity, misdemeanor will come to the surface. More and more people from different walks of life are becoming concerned with their health or being obsesses with health problems .They are becoming Healthaholics in a way. There is sharp line of distinction between concerned about health and being obsessed with health. More and more people have started being obsess with stress management strategies and nutritional value. The most common obsessions found in health arena are with food and nutritional items. Obsess for or against with common food and nutrition items like meat, milk, alcohol, vegetables, vitamins, spices are seen in many people. Is obsession always a bad thing? So far as obsession does not cross boundaries of neurosis it is not bad but once it becomes neurotic than it becomes an ugly thing. So long as the thing you do is under your willful control it is not obsessing but once it starts ruling or dominating or dictating you attention it becomes ugly for you. when one starts doing something for the sake of something not for life than it is neurotic phenomena .so when one is obsessively , fixedly and singly concerned with any aspect of health like nutrition, exercise, homeopathy, herbs or yoga ,raiky or something else than it may prove counter productive for individual health and social health of society.

How to differentiate between consciousness of health and obsession of health?

The following points will easily consciousness of health and obsession of health:
• When your cares and worries about your health are under the willful control of your mind and thinking process than it is normal and no need tobe panicky.
• When you wish to stop thinking about your health but can’t than you are entering the danger zone of obsession.
• When your mind goes towards the site of problem and you constantly go on touching your painful part of body in spite of the willful effort of your mind to stopping doing so.
• When your anxiety about your health problems takes the form of neurotic anxiety than you are confirmed case of health obsession.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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