Modern Crazy #swan Girls

To be conscious of fats in our daily diet is healthy but not to resort to balanced diet in a bid to stay slim is dangerous trend that is emerging among girls.

There is emerging new trend world wide among girls who are very conscious and crazy about their figure and body. Thy wish to be “slim looking and beautiful” at all costs even at the cost of their health. They are so crazy about their body slimness especially their waist, the main cynosure of opposite sex i.e. guys that they have started stopping taking healthy diet and nutrients .The nutritionists

have rightly termed such girls as swans. Swans are those modern girls who absorb no nutrients in their daily diet in a bid to stay slim. The swans are the largest members of the duck family Anatidae, and are among the largest flying birds and they have very long necks, slim legs so that they may fly. These are beautiful creature of nature to see.
A new research study conducted on woman and girls suggests that woman are shunning and avoiding vitamins and minerals as a part of their low calorie, low fat diet chart in order to stay slim, fit and good looking. Many of such girls who are so obsessed with their “low diet calorie and slimness” may slightly slip into the mental disorder “nervosa mentalis”. The swan crazy girls are seduced and attracted by variety of market products having no fat or sugar in them but these products also lack vitamins, minerals, iron and calcium., which are of paramount for proper growth , maintenance and development of body.

The researches point out

that woman and young girls are resorting to lettuce salad lunches which are low in calorie but not high in nutrients. It is “attractive and seductive” to look super slim not in her own eyes but in the eyes of opposite sex also. But if you are not taking balanced diet and healthy kind of foods; than you are causing innumerable damage to the metabolism of your own body .Human body needs raw material in the form of diet to carry on its metabolism and produce sufficient energy. Metabolism and catabolism are two opposite process going on in human body simultaneously. These keep homeostasis of our body you are also at risk of starvation of your body cells if you go on further extreme of shunning food. Girls should take balanced diet having adequate vitamins, minerals, Proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables regularly.
The human nature is very strange and peculiar. It never sails smooth .it moves in extremes going from one end to the other end. The elemental trait of “everything or nothing “is deeply engraved in human psyche. There was time when there was no “health consciousness “ “,diet consciousness “and “obesity consciousness “among human populations. Now in the changed life style, which is responsible for most of the heart diseases and obesity thee is increased consciousness to the other extreme of being slim and avoiding all fats and even diet rich in nutrients and minerals.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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