Sciatica—excruciating Pains And Solution

The pains of sciatica are very tormenting and excruciating compelling one to weep. Pain killers have very temporary effect on this condition. Homoeopathy is sure option before you to get cured for life for this painful condition.
Sciatica are two longest and widest nerves of our body starting from lower spine to the foot. It starts from lower back and runs to back of each leg. It controls the muscles of back, lower spine, legs and knees. It provides sensation to the lower spine, back of thigh lower legs and soles of feet sciatica is irritation and inflammation

of sciatic nerve

The pain of sciatic is typically felt in the low back region of spine (lumbar region) to behind thigh and extending and radiating to down below the knee and may travel further to sole of feet. The striking point about sciatic nerve is that it is the largest nerve of human body and begins from the nerve roots in the lower back or lumbar spinal cord and extends from there to back of buttocks and lower extremities.

Nature of pain

The pain of sciatica nerve is very excruciating and shooting type. Sometimes it comes in waves like electric shocks. It may also burn like fire relived by hot application. The leg may go to sleep with tingling sensation. The pain may vary from slightly annoying to totally crippling and unbearable type.. The pain may be so severe, at sometimes that it may compel the patient to get out of bed. The most common cause of sciatica observed by physician is “lumbar disc herniation” directly pressing or compression the nerve. Sciatica is generally caused by the compression of lumbar nerves L4 or L5 or sacral nerves S1, S2, or S3, or by compression of the sciatic nerve itself. Pelvic injury or Tumors may also cause sciatica. Trauma to the spine such as from a car accident may also lead to sciatica pain.


The screening techniques like CT SCAN, MRI and electromyogram are employed to ascertain the exact location and cause of pain

Treatment options:

People have two broad based options. Either to go to an allopathic physician and he may

prescribe course of pain killers. Unlike the allopathic system of medicine that may have the same painkiller-drugs for every patient, regardless of different causes of their sufferings, in homeopathic system of medicine each patient of sciatica is individualized and a different medicine is prescribed. The main modalities accompanying sciatic nerve are of the following nature and should be taken note of these modalities seriously

Observe your modalities

Here I am furnishing a list of modalities that generally follow this disorder. Observe your modality yourself and tell your physician about this. Some patients may experience intense pains along sciatic nerve and pains may alternate with numbness. Some patients feel better while sitting in a chair with their legs hanging down. Hanging down the limbs ameliorate is great modality of immense value. Some patients feel pain on the left side, which is relieved by motion others feel pain on right side. Pains become worse at night while lying on affected side. For some pain is aggravated by motion. A few get relief by lying down on the bed straight. Still there are some patients who feel straining and lifting pains on getting wet and it becomes worse while taking rest and gets relieved by motion. Some patients feel relieved by heat and hot applications. A few patients explain their pains, like cramps, as if the parts were screwed in a vise. It is worse on the right side and at night, and tends to be paroxysmal; relieved by warmth and rest. Some patients have sensitive vertebral column and they can not bear to get it touched at any way.

Severe sciatica renders the walking difficult. In some patients the symptoms of sciatica are aggravated by walking or bending at the waist and relieved by lying down
In some patients there is pain from last cervical vertebra to the fifth dorsal vertebra and it is very sensitive and worse with coughing or straining and worse at night.


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