How The Pornography Mania Develops In Children?

Porno addiction  is worst type of addiction. Gradually it starts consuming mind and  body paving way for many psychotic illnesses and mental disorders. It is no surprising that porno addiction or mania accompanies many a metal disorders.

It is a fact that sex energy level differs from person to person. Some personalities are exceedingly lascivious and amorous than others in their sex behavior. All men and woman do not indulge in pornographic literature .only those people indulge in pornographic addiction in which there is expression of excess sex energy or there is inherent predisposition to visual sex.

We can almost invariably trace

the roots of pornographic tendencies, mental sickness and other major mental disorders in traumatic childhood experiences. Childhood is very delicate and impressionable age and every event or traumatic experience leaves indelible mark on the psyche of the children.

If we talk psychologically; of the personality types than there is a class of children, which is very lascivious from the early days of their life and there is strong predisposition to sexual matters in them. The proper word to describer such personalities is “lasciviousness lewdness” Mentally these kids are always preoccupied with sex, sex feelings, sexy images and sexy things. These kids have tremendous sex energy in their bodies the sex energy finds its expression at an early age. There might be raised level of testosterone in their bloods. I have seen sexual energy becoming overwhelmingly active at the age of two or three in such boys and girls. These kids turn out to be satyriasis and nymphomaniacs in their adolescent and teen age. What derives them to satyriasis or nymphomaniacs?

What are the representative symptoms of “lasciviousness lewd mentality” in childhood? How can the parents indemnify such symptoms in their kids at an early age of two or three? One prominent symptom of guiding is that they always play with their sexual organs constantly. They are very fond of fondling their sex organs. They are in the habit of obsessively handling their sexual parts. Their hands are always near the sex organs. How they derive such a great pleasure and voluptuous feelings by playing with their sexual parts at such an early age is very astonishing and embarrassing for parents? They are at a loss what to do? Their hands are never at rest. While sleeping, their hands will be always near the sexual organs in sleep. The boy start masturbating at such an early age even when no semen is discharged. Their organs are in tension or erect position most of the time.

These children are very prone to be easily abused sexually by elders in their early days of life. Mostly these unwanted traumatic experiences of psyche become responsible for their pornographic activities. Their social behavior also becomes erotic oriented. They start abusing others in sexy tones. They start using tabooed and forbidden sex terminology openly, routinely and voluptuously. Their abuses are sex colored or tinged with sex. They always talk of sex in

the company of their friends. As babies, these are thumb suckers most of the time. They suck their thumbs obsessively. Thumb sucking is a pervert and hidden mechanism of sex enjoyment. They may sleep only while sucking something in their mouth. These kids are very restless mentally. On the physical body this restlessness is expressed in jerking and twitching of body parts. They may go on twitching and jerking even while sleeping. Shamelessness together with lasciviousness is the great or dominating trait of such children.. They have no sense of modesty or love for elders and are very frank and adamant types. These are very obstinate and adamant type and they wish that their desires be fulfilled instantly by hook or crook by their parents. They are also victim of a peculiar kind of laughing mania. They are very ticklish on their skin. They start laughing on trivial matters in endless ways. Their skin is so sensitive that they can not afford to touch their body by others. They are very well versed in playing antics.
When these babies grow into adolescent they indulge in their sexual fancies by reading lot of banned literature and pornography secretly from their parents. They have strong mania for reading pornographic literature. Their hands are constantly busy in making angular moment’s .they may bear the personality of a reserved pious man but mentally they are very adulterous and minded.

Some of them become masters in performing mimicry and mono acting they can play the role of any personality exceedingly well. They know how to masquerade their faces? Outwardly they may behave gently and surrounding people have high opinion about heir conduct. They see them to be as naives and timid. Inverdly these are very aggressive, violent and sexy types. By reading wrong type of literature pertaining to sex matters written by non sex experts and money making business people; they develop many misconceptions about sex behavior of man and woman. Many may start addicting to porno out of this misconception. If the parents are vigilant enough about the sex behavior of their kids, their delicate minds can be reshaped and molded to meaningful and constructive activities of life. At least parents should not make them extra conscious by pointing out to their sexual activity. This always proves counter productive.

When more and more suppression is forced on these children they start revolting in an adamant and rude manner. They become very despotic and impertinent. Egomania, megalomania and porno mania are all co related and there exists well formed deep relation between them. You will see all megalomaniacs will turn out to be great sex alcoholics and passionate porno lovers. Their inward perfectionism and sensitive to minute detail derives them to more and more porno literature and porno vision.

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