Most Probable Cause Of Pancreatic Cancer Is #depression And Depressed Way Of Life

Depression precedes most of pancreatic cancer cases and may be considered as a very positive precursor to pancreatic cancer; if simultaneously depression is supported by other accompanying factors such as loss of flesh, Loss of hunger; with severe pointed spot pain in the back than concerns for pancreatic cancer are almost confirmed.

It is very difficult for anyone to admit that the cause of pancreatic cancer can be depression. But fact is fact. After seeing the prognosis of pancreatic cancer and the past life history and life style I can say with certainty that in more than eighty five

cases the cause of pancreatic is depressed life style full of grief and sorrow. Does there any co –relation exists between cancer and depression?


Pancreas is endocrine gland of human body which is both exocrine and endocrine. It lies in abdomen below the stomach. It secretes digestive enzymes as well as hormones. Digestive enzymes help in digestion and metabolism it also secretes the hormone insulin which controls and regulates the blood glucose level. The deficiency of insulin causes diabetes. Several important hormones including sugar controlling hormone insulin, glucagon, and somatostain are synthesized by pancreatic gland.

Pancreatic cancers can arise from both portions of pancreatic gland i.e. exocrine and endocrine. Mostly more than 95% arise from exocrine and are called Adenocarcinoma. Around 75% of all pancreatic carcinoma occur in head and neck portion of pancreatic.
Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers. It is counted among five top most cancers world wide that are causing deaths and devastation of human life. The others are lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer etc.

Many independent researches have tried to establish the link or co-relation between depression and pancreatic cancer. Sometimes depression is cursor to pancreatic cancer and Depression more commonly preceded pancreatic cancer than it did other gastrointestinal malignancies although pancreatic carcinoma and depression

have been linked for years by sporadic researches, the prevalence and relationship of these often coexisting diseases is shrouded in mystery. The hidden co-relationship or link between two is still poorly understood or appreciated. Many patients suffer from mild to severe kind of depression before pancreatic cancer is diagnosed by imaging techniques

Published research studies reviewing this issue have found that many patients with pancreatic cancer are depressed. There appears to be an intriguing link between depression and pancreatic cancer. Why the depression victim succumbs so easily to pancreatic cancer remains to be researched?. Now the psychosomatic origin of diseases is well established in psychiatry and psychology. Most of the diseases of humans’ related to anxiety and depressed states of mind are psychosomatic. What is puzzling and intriguing is that depression can cause the pancreatic cells to produce cancerous cells and tumor is really very astonishing and embarrassing. The deep co relationship exists between digestion and depression. When one is depressed, sad, mournful and taciturn state of mind than his hunger is lost. Rather he starts getting aversion to meals. The stiffened, tensed, hardened, embittered and spastic mind finds its expression on the physical body in the form of tumor

The reverse is also true. There is no depression creating and causing force greater than cancer. The very name of cancer is sufficient to create ripples of shivering and goose flesh in human body .If the victim is already suffering from depression, he becomes more depressed, dumb, and numb after hearing from his physician that he has cancer. It may be said with impunity that depressed and suppressed life style people are more prone to pancreatic cancer. There is predilection in these people to get cancer in their body.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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