How The Social Media Is Proving Boon For Shy And Timid Children?

The shy, timid, romantic, imaginative, inquisitive, lost in their own fancies and above all introverted children have gained maximum from these social net working websites (Face book and Twitter), as these have provided them an unimaginable opportunity and Plate form to communicate with other people/fellow and friends without physically facing them, and without being vulnerable to social ways of l taunting and criticism; which was their greatest dilemma of mind? It has not only diminished but shed all their inhibitions and hesitations. They are giving vent to their pent up suppressed feelings freely with positive communication with their fellows.

On the

basis of social behavior all school going and college going children they may all be broadly categorized or classified as under


Extrovert child is that whose direction of energy flow is outside and outwardly. These are very overactive, courageous, adventurous and full of energy and enthusiasm. They are full of self confidence rather over confident of their achievements in life. These are very industrious children having very sharp and keen intellect. They are full of fun and activity. Adaptability is the hallmark of their behavior. They can adept to any changed and challenging circumstances. They are always in search of new people new friends new situations and new people to talk with. The boys and girls of this category can talk to each there with eases and confidence. They have no inhibitions and hesitations in their minds .they can talk on forbidden and tabooed subjects like sex freely and in convincing way.. In class rooms they occupy front benches. They never feel shy of their teachers. They know how to make friends on the very first day. They are very frank and friendly with teachers and with eachother.They are good at spoken English. They have fluency of speech. They can deliver very impressive speech in the class room. They know how to impress the friends with speech and language. They have full command on language and know the language skills.. They are very pragmatic and realist towards their approach to life. They live in present and never wander in fancy. These children are making full use of public net working websites. They are drawing full utility of networking sites. They have got their accounts opened on the net working websites. They chat and talk with their fellow friends with full confidence and sometimes crossing boundaries of ethics and social behavior.


These are those children in whose case the direction of energy flow (libido) is totally inward. These are very self centred lost in their own fancies/ whims and world of dreams. Rather some are eccentrics. They suffer from deep sense of inferiorly and insecurity. Social withdrawal is the hallmark of heir behavior and personality. Deep rooted inferiority complex is the striking feature of their personality and behavior. They have strong inhibitions and hesitations in their minds .They are so timid and shy that they can not express their ideas before people or in public. Lack of self confidence marks their personality. They are very fearful and timid in their minds and behavior. If a teacher perchance asks such a student to stand up in the class and answer the question. Than their body and mind become paralyzed and jammed.. They start trembling in the class. Most timid children belonging to this class have been seen urinating in their pants when they have to answer something in public view. Such type of nervousness is found in these children .They have abundant fear of exposure and observation in their minds by the fellows and people.. They are full of ideas but fail to express these in front of others. Their brains are very fertile and inquisitive It is not only shyness rather the timidity which prevents them from speaking in public and withdrawing from public and people. They can not manage a stage and can not speak from

the stage before the people or gathering. To speak on the dais of stage is most challenging job for them

Social net working

Face book is the most popular social networking site, with almost ninety per cent of students using it. It is gaining popularity with children psyche. After face book comes the name of twitter. The majority of students update information on their social networking sites at least every day. And visit these sites almost daily. Nobody can deny the fact that Face book has altered the landscape of social interaction, particularly among young inverted children and adolescents and teenager’s .The social net working websites opened new vistas for such children. They exchange their ideas. They post certain ideas which their fertile brain thinks and instantly receive the reactions from people. Instead of idly feasting their sexual fancies and imaginations they have started to employ these psychological tools to investigate and find their own identity on the internet. Their no identity problem have started becoming positive identify on the social net working sites. They have got the meaning of their identity on the internet. This is the biggest usefulness of internet and social net working sites to them. They have proved boon to these children from the abyss of nothingness to something ness from pessimism to optimism and from timidity to assertiveness. By the medium of social net working websites their inhibitions and hesitations have been overcome and shed. Social net working has provided full freedom of expression to such children. They are expressing on the net in many ways. Their greatest difficulty and dilemma was fear of people and strangers and how to face or confront them. They were totally crippled and parlayed in facing the people. Now they can communicate with people without facing and without being in front of them. The internet provided full expression to their suppressed and repressed powerful feelings. In the school or college they could never dare to talk to a girl / guy in front of others. But now on net none is seeing them. They have made friends on internet. They talk to each other freely and in a very friendly way…

Social media networks have changed their mentality and transformed their lives. It has brought many changes in their behavior. They have become bold in dealing with Public which other wise they could never think of. They have become more confident to their approach towards life and people. These sites have quenched their inquisitive nature and curiosity of knowing more and more. Now they are gaining and widening the horizon of their knowledge by seeing different websites pertaining to different subjects. They post information in the twitter and the next moment sees how others react to their thoughts and options. Net is imparting them their distinct identity and personality. Firstly they used to have no social identity at all. Now they are exploring their inner mind and personality. One major benefit of this is that social networking has made the shy and timid teens more comfortable and outgoing, easygoing their conflicts and complexes have started resolving in a big way. While on net they feel more relaxed and expanded. Now they can give way to their impulsive imaginations and fancies in a positive manner.By using social net working services from their computers at home introverted adolescents can easily learn how to socialize their inverted self behind the safety of computer screens and without any iota of risk involved injuring their psyche. Net working sites have mitigated the suffering of adolescents in a drastic manner by relaxing their tense minds. .

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