How Acne Affects/moulds Teenaged Mind?

How the psyche or psychology of the young teenaged girls gets affected by ugly looking acne and other Pastular/warty growths on their beautiful faces?, none has explored it. Acne is real shock to the rapidly developing psyche of the young girl. How this shock can transform her simple and innocent mind into schizo/melancholic mind?, is a subject of deep psychological  concern .

The subject of acne may belong to fair sex or male or both but I have deliberately used the term she while elaborating this hypothesis ; as the girls are mostly and generally affected by this malady and

are prone to it . It is the fair sex that is most conscious of their facial beauty. Young girls are rather concerned about this subject the most .it is their main weapon of offence against the beautiful guys. It is the net to trap the young looking guy of their choice. How sharp and beautiful and attractive your facial features may be , but if there is acne on you red looking cheeks and face than it gives a very ugly look to your face. The teenagers and adolescents mostly know this fact and are fully aware of this fact. It is inborn and universal desire in woman and man to be beautiful and attractive .This inborn desire born in the minds young girls and guys has given rise to the industry of makeup and cosmetics. That is hugely and heavily cashing on this desire of man and woman to be fascinating. The cosmetic producing companies have taken the form of full fledged industry


Acne is a skin condition that causes whiteheads, blackheads, and inflamed red growths on the skin surface. The acne may be in the form of papules, cysts and pustules. Pastular type acne is most prevalent. Sometimes there are only raised blotches simulating acne. The old pustules fade and die and in their place new ones come out. Acne is most common in teenagers and it is mostly teenage phenomenon. The hormone factor contributes a lot towards acne growths. No body likes the disfigured face by acne. The existence of acne is not as irritating and annoying as its appearance. The constant oozing oils, pus and blood make the outlook very filthy and ugly. Acne affects the mind more than skin.

Inferiority complex

The biggest harmful and negative effect that acne produces on the human mind is that it makes the mind inferior to others. Whether the mind actually becomes inadequate or inferior to others or it is just the delusion of the concerned person is a subject to be investigated by psychologists. Whatever conditions give rise to this inferiority complex of mind this condition is very depressing for the personality as a whole. It injures and cripples the personality. The person is totally paralyzed in his mental milieu. How the mind and body are deeply interrelated, this deep relation can be seen by the effect of acne on the face or physical skin condition. Acne profoundly affects the efficiency and working of human mind in different ways. It transforms her way of thinking, positivity giving way to negativity, beautifulness giving way to ugliness, serenity giving way to restlessness.

How acne affects the self confidence?

The strength of a personality lies in its confident of mind. None can measure the strength of mind. If one is confident of something than one can do any thing. Nothing hinders his way .No difficulty cone in her way. The self confidence gives impetus and momentum to the mind. The wars are not fought and won by warriors but by men of strong mentality. If mind is strong enough than nothing can mar your way and success will touch your feet sooner or later. In conclusion the guiding and motivating force of body is strength of mind.
The major blow of the acne is on the confidence of the person concerned. It cuts ruthlessly the very roots of the mind on which the mind rests. The self confidence of the ace bearing girl is greatly lowered or hampered. It begins to flow on the lowest ebb. The subject starts thinking of himself to be inferior of others. The inferiority in her mind becomes so deep rooted that whenever she gets a chance, she starts comparing herself with others. The more she compares the more depressed and anxious she becomes. The mere act of comparing and contrasting with others is itself a manifestation of the inferiority complex. Comparing is lacking in something, it is devoid of something. It is feeling of inadequacy. It is internal hollowness of mind. The acne condition of face affects the mind in a big way


Fear of being observed

The natural corollary of low confidence or lack of confidence is fear. A fearful personality can achieve nothing in the world. Fear is very negative emotion that paralyses the body of a man. Fear produces the cataleptic condition of mind and body. Lack of confidence produces fear and fear makes the man coward. Shakespeare has rightly said that cowards die many a time before their death. The acne bearing girl becomes so devoid of self confidence that he starts fearing everything. She fears her own capabilities. She fears the examinations although she fares well in the examinations. Any new

social situation of challenge creates lot of fear in her mind. She fears of being alone .she fears of dark. She develops great fear of people and social situations sometimes the fear of people becomes so great and intensified that it takes the form of anthropophobia she starts avoiding social gatherings and social parties like kitty parties, marriage party, and tea party. She is estranged from friends, society and family members. She starts loosing eye contact with even known people and friends. In spite of her all efforts to muster courage to make an eye contact she can not succeed. Eye contact is great sign of courage and self confidence. You know that estrangement or separation from society is first major sign of the developing schizo mind. There is every possibility and potential that in future she may go into schizophrenic state of mind. Mostly the schizophrenia is born out of lack of confidence and feelings of alienation. In true schizo mind the patient starts hating and loathing her own self. She constantly feels that people might be looking at her acne and might be talking about his ugliness of her face. It is possible that people might not be looking at her face or might be casually looking but the feelings of inadequacy become so great and exaggerated in the psyche of the patient that she is constantly under the false impression that people and strangers are looking at her face. She may start living in her own shell so no external influence or impression enters this shell. In this shell she feels great sense of security, as this is not vulnerable to external impressions, which she frightens most. How a simple condition of acne can create such a terrible psychosis is a subject of deep study. She becomes acne obsessed and repeatedly goes before the mirror to see and convince herself how ugly she looks? She repeatedly checks the acne with her hands and going before the mirror repeatedly becomes her obsession .she compulsively goes on picking and scratching the pimples and cysts and in this way these may start bleeding. In this way she may also start suffering from anxiety neurosis also


Sense of insecurity

A psychotic person always feels sense of insecurity in his inner mind. What is insecurity? It is a feeling of danger from external world or from his dependants. An insecure person constantly feels endangered and threatened to his life. He sees constant threat to his life or his material wealth. Sense of insecurity again is born out of lack of self confidence. Insecurity further gives rise to feelings of suspiciousness. An insecure person is mot suspicious in the world. Women are generally more suspicious and jealous than men. She doubts every person she meets. He starts doubting his own family members and friends. He is never at rest. Internal restlessness drives her crazy. Acne bearing subject in the log run if he or she has psychotic traits inherited, becomes crazy in the end

Acne is not local disease of skin as is the dominant notion prevalent in medical profession. It is believed that acne can be cured with lotions, creams and ointments. To cash on this ugly looking condition of face the markets are flooded with these paraphernalia. To cure this condition various therapies are available in the market. Almost all therapies focus on skin condition ignoring the mind condition.
Acne is constitutional diseases and only a holistic approach towards this problem can eradicate it for good. The multitude of creams and ointments available in the market only worsen or aggravate the existing condition or transitory suppress the acne leading to many complications the suppressed acne in this ways reappears in more powerful and ugly way. If to suppress the repeated occurring of acne stronger ointments are used than the acne condition may be metastasized to some other organ of body. One thing we should remember that metastasis is always on the deeper level than the previous and the original level. Homoeopathy has wonderful cure for this condition. Skin conditions when suppressed go to deeper levels of consciousness. Skin is the lowest level of consciousness. The only condition is that homoeopath must be expert of the medicine and materia medica. All the materia medica should be in his memory to choose the appropriate medicine according to the constitutional symptoms of the patient. The correct selected medicine will not only eradicate the tendency to formation of acne and pimples but it will cure the underlined condition of lack of confidence and the latent feelings of insecurities in the mind of the patient. There is no specific medicine in homoeopathy for acne. The calcium salt has great tendency to grow pimples and acne, cysts boils on skin hence to cure. I have cured chronic conditions of acne in young boys and girls never to reoccur again.. Needless to say their mental condition was greatly strengthened and improved after the prescriptions.


Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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