Growing Popularity Of #social Media—some Facts And New Trends

The popularity of internet social media is growing leaps and bounds among all walks of life. More and more people are adopting it as powerful means of communication to remain connected and in constant touch with their friends and family.
Social media networks are growing at a rapid pace. These have revolutionized the human thinking and life. Human life has also grown very fast like these fast and quick media what is the social psychology behind this growing phenomenon? Social media has outnumbered the readers of print media in a very short span of time. More and more people are

turning to social media net works for connectedness with friends. Social media is valuable and cost effective means to be in touch with friends, family members, colleagues, business counterparts and above all, the closest people. It is good place to share one’s feelings with friends. It has become necessity as well as trend to say connected in the information age There is no denying the fact that that social networking and professional networking sites like FB, Twitter, Facebook,,Linkendin,Apnacircle ,Siliconnindia,Peerpower,Toostep etc have become the part and parcel of the workforce across all industries and companies
.A recent survey study has thrown the light that more women use social media than men. Face book and twitter have stolen the show as far as popularity of social media is concerned. People daily update their well wishers and family members and friends. The greatest advantage of social media is that one can remain in constant touch with friends and about one’s activities. Woman outnumbers their male counterparts in using social media to connect with friends. As compared to men (54%) nearly sixty eight percent of woman use social media to connect with different people and friend. For both genders it is lower number when connecting with family. Sixty percent
of woman as against 42%of men connects with family through these social media. This is enough evidence of close and open nature of woman as compared to males. Generally speaking woman is more passionate, more sympathetic, and closer than males. Women have stronger bonds of family and friendships. The integrating nature of women is many times higher and greater than males. It might be due to nine months of “umbilical bonding”
Internet has become necessity of life just like air, food, and water. E. mails topped the various forms of communications of internet to remain connected and be in touch with friends. Nearly 80% adults and teenagers use this method of communication to be in touch with their friends followed by75% using phone and 60% using social net work. .Blogging, Micro logging and video chat are the least popular forms of communications
A new text messaging habit and addiction is growing and becoming popular among teenagers new “pew internet study” findings show that of the 83% of American adults who own cell phones, roughly 73% of them send text messages and about 31% of them prefer texting to actually talking on the phone. Surprising? The craziest data point those Cell phone owners between the ages of 18 and 24 exchanges an incredible 109.5 text messages per day, the sms habit of teenagers shows the compulsive type of behavior of text messaging. This compulsive typing of more than one hundred text messages shows the rudimentary seeds of full blown obsession in their behavior. Perhaps the teenagers are not aware about your habit of compulsive behavior. They might be thinking it as the sign of their passionate love of friends and their attachment with their friends. But this is more than that from psychology point of view.

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