Fear Of Failure -----how To Succeed In Life?

The fear of failure is so universal, perhaps none is free of this negative emotion .The strongest of the strongest might have felt fear of failure in his/her life but it was their strong and iron will that enabled them to conquer it completely.

Fear of failure or fear of attainment or accomplishment is one and the same thing or two aspects of the same coin. We fear because we can not attain or we can not attain so we fear. Attainments/achievements and failures go hand in hand in human life. Human beings are born to attain something in

life or to do certain accomplishments. The Almighty has sent the man on this planet to do his duties purposefully. In certain constitutions there is inherent incapacity to achieve or in other words fear of failure. The greater philosopher Russo has judiciously remarked,” man is born free but everywhere he is in chains.” To what the man is chained. These chains /bondages are nothing but the fears of man and above all his fear of failure. Man is in chains because of his fear of chains that he can not break the chains. Fear is slavery. Only those nations are slave who fear the authority. Brave nations are never in chains or in slavery. A man is in chains so long as he thinks he is in chains

Man is born with multitude of fears. Immediately after birth the child is afflicted with many fears. Fears of falling, fear of dark, fear of being alone are the three fundamental fears of child psyche. When the mother tries to put the child to bed for sleep the frightened child clings to mother lest he should not fall.similarly when the child is in dark he starts weeping and sometimes insists on putting on the light. When a child grows a little bit fear of animals takes its birth in child psyche and child starts fearing animals and insects like dogs, cats, snakes, rat’s lizards, spiders, cockroaches etc. So the fears are instantly born with the birth of the child. Fear is a fundamental instinct of human nature. Since its inception at birth it plagues the child for whole life .As the child grows only its forms are changed, fear goes on torturing and tormenting human psyche. Thus fear becomes the universal phenomenon No man on this universe is free from fears .Everyone is afflicted with certain kinds of fears. All men have fear of failure.

When the child steps into adolescence age the fear of failure grips its psyche. The fear of failure is most wide spread in this phase of human life. Failure and success are two significant aspects of human life. Human beings always wish to succeed in their ambition and actions. So man is always fearful lest he should fail in his endeavors and adventures. Every human being wishes success and victory in life and none likes defeat and failure. The more a person is ambitious the more is the fear of failure. Only those people who are courageous to face and challenge any kind of fear, are capable of reaching their destinations and climb the goal of their life. The coward category of people who are intensely overwhelmed with fear, that they do nothing in life and are crippled.

The worst part of being afraid of failure is our incapability to take criticism or feedback in a good way. If we examine the causes of fear in human life than the lack of confidence will be number one cause. Those who have no

confidence in themselves and their capacity to achieve only those people fear in life. Confidence depends on will power. So greater the will power greater will be the confidence and lesser will be the fear. Those people who have strong will power and are confident can achier any thing in life .On the contrary those people who are weak minded and have no confidence fear even those things which are in the least fearful and harmful.. Weakness of mind and scattered mind is the evil force behind fear of failures. Fear of failure creates a negative mind-set that lowers your possibilities: it's like this; you think you are unable to accomplishing what you want in life when in fact you can, if only you had the guts to go out and do it


We should remember that fear of failure is a mental sickness or mental diseased condition and it can be corrected. Here all other conventional methods of healing fail, only the energy medicine i.e. homoeopathy comes to our solution of the hydra headed problem of fear of failure. This symptom never erupts in isolation in a personality but goes with as a side symptom with many of the bodily symptoms or conditions. Homoeopathy is a noble dynamic science and medicine that focuses upon the study and analysis of human mind primarily as the diseased condition of human body. The main principal of prescribing is that man is sick because he is sick in mind. Disease is not in our body but rather our whole body is in disease. Diseases are of not of organs but of whole body. So the approach of homoeopathy is holistic and psychosomatic in nature .Homeopathy takes a more balanced approach towards life. In homoeopathy while taking symptoms of mind we deal with mainly symptoms of human mind.

During my practice of homoeopathy I came across many instances where there was even no iota of impotency/inadequacy but the mentally sick persons because of their fear of failure considered themselves as unworthy and miserable of unable to accomplishment or unworthy of the sex act. Their mind set was so obsessed with fear of failure that they did not decide to marry even. After the homoeopathic dose their mind was so potent and powerful that they not only married but produced offspring also. For fear of examinations in children homoeopathy can serve a lot as Lycopodium. Gelsemium, Aethusa, Medorrhinum are wonderful medicines to meet this condition .For those people who have fear of failure of their business. Psorinum is wonderful remedy. Instead of suffering from this malady the whole life incapacitating ailment people should take recourse to homoeopathy to overcome this dreadful fear. In the end “failures are the pillars of success” is a lesion that we must teach to our children, so that they may stand up on their own feet. After sex-instinct and economics fear is a great guiding and motivating force of our life. Directly or indirectly we may admit it or not our daily actions are guided and influenced by this powerful force. The golden rule is that the fear should be under the command of our will. Will should not be commanded or ruled by fear. The only way to win fear is that we should be aware of fear and should seek knowledge of every aspect of human existence.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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