How To Choose Between Quality And Quantity In Life?

whether you choose quality or quantity in life, it all depends on your attitude and constitution.

whether you choose quality or quantity in life, it all depends on your attitude and constitution.

It has been always been debatable topic whether one should have quality life or quantity life. Quality and quantity are great but opposite aspects of life. Human life is either guided by quality or quantity. This applies to every sphere of human activity starting from child hood games to marriage choice and profession choice. If you happen to be a writer you must have faced double mindedness to write quality articles or quantity articles.
Commentators and people are bound to differ on this very topic.

It depends on the nature of a person what he chooses in life? Some people have perspective of life of getting quantity things irrespective of their quality or intrinsic value. They are in the habit of amassing things in life. Without considering your view point on this topic I will elaborate my own view point.
By nature or temrament I have bee always choosy in life. A choosy person is hard to please. He is very meticulous in doing and performing things. He is perfectionist and perfection can not be in May things. Perfection is in ideals and it is continuous process. Suppose I am to write an article I will not write it over one sitting. It will take many sittings before it gets published. I will try to consult the all relevant material on the subject and assimilate that in my brain. I will check and check adding and deleting
lines to infuse quality in to it. When this perfectionist tendency of life starts overruling one’s life; or starts overwhelming life pattern of a person than it is very dangerous thing. Neurotic perfectionism is a diseased mentality. I am talking only of health perfectionism of limits.
Fifty quality articles written over long periods of time are better than one thousand articles written in one short span of time to gain views. I have no doubt that in short term the quantity always wins but in the long run the quality wins. The race between quality and quantity is just like the classical race story of hare and tortoise. The fast runner hare may win in the short time but ultimately it is the slow and steady moving tortoise that wins the race. So is to choose quality or quantity, all depends on the one’s perspective of life. A quality conscious person can not choose quantity in life and vice versa. Life is complex. Both are good and both are bad. There can not be sole one pattern of life, only of quality or quantity. But it is the age of quantity. Who bothers for quality in this life? Quantity means more money at short time with minimum effort. On the contrary quality is patience in life and patience is great quality of life. Quality tends to make the person diseases free. Quantity brings many diseased states of mind.

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