#clairvoyance Is # Myth Or Reality ----a Sychological Study

Clairvoyance is deep psychological phenomenon beyond the comprehension of ordinary people and most elitist intellectualized and skeptic people discard it as illusion clairvoyance refers to the ability of human mind to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human sense organs. Clairvoyance is naked reality of life and needs further exploration by Para- psychologists.

Is clairvoyance phenomenon is purely myth or reality. Is it fact or fiction? Do all people can have clairvoyant feelings? How clairvoyant people are different from other people? Does a clairvoyant person have super natural powers? Is

clairvoyance purely magic or magic thinking? These are the some of the fundamental questions and issues regarding clairvoyance whose answers are apt to be subjective because the process of getting higher levels of consciousness is hierarchical and subjective one. Human history is in a way history of attaining higher levels of consciousness
What is clairvoyance? Clairvoyance is that quality or faculty of human mind which can tell the future course of events and occurrences exactly. Here some people may confuse it with astrology or palmistry. But clairvoyance has nothing to do with theses branches of human perception. From its quality of telling about future contents it seems somewhat similar to foretelling or future telling but it is not foretelling also .clairvoyance is very peculiar faculty of mind that in certain moments of intensification and sharpness of consciousness can exactly foretell the course of events. It is not calculated or deliberate mental effort or intellectualism or mental faculty. And neither can it be created at will of the person. It is very spontaneous that overwhelms or overshadows the mind of the person for a second or some moments. It is as if a person has lost all wakening and consciousness of physical self and surrounding temporarily. It is total abstraction of mind but total absorption in future.

The most suitable word to describe the exact nature of clairvoyance is intuition. Perceptional knowledge beyond five human senses is intuition. It is said that Prophet Mohammad received Quaran, the holy book or scripture of Muslims in the form of intuition. The same thing is said about GURU NANAK that whatever he wrote it descended from almighty directly to him and he was only medium Guru Nanak confirms this many times in his poetry.. The person who has the ability to clairvoyance is called clairvoyant. Hazard Mohammad and Guru Nanak were known clairvoyant of history. Acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness is monopoly of only few gifted people.

If a person by virtue of his mental faculties becomes aware of the some event or circumstances of external world of which none is cognizant so far, it is not to be interfered from this statement “anything seeing” enters into this process. Clairvoyance has nothing to

do with physical eyes or perception based on eyes. This is perhaps because of the implication that something is seen in clairvoyance. Due to this quality of clairvoyance some called it “clear vision” It is not seen it is felt immensely with intensification of emotion. J.B.Rhine coined the term extra sensory perception or ESP. ESP is more than clairvoyance and it includes many physical paranormal faculties including telepathy. ESP may be called broad “umbrella term”. Many analysts on this topic insist that clairvoyance does not include telepathy and their perception is justified on the ground that Telepathy has two “antenna minds” one transmitting and other receiving, both working simultaneously with harmony and same frequency.

Some extra sensory perception specialists understand and comprehend the clairvoyance in the form of foretelling future. But it is more accurately the ability to perceive all levels of reality and consciousness simultaneously. Most of the human beings are aware only of the lower levels of existence. But the clairvoyant person has sensitivity of higher levels or planes of human consciousness. When a man achieves higher planes of consciousness by virtue of meditation or mystic experience, he can easily discern and discriminate between different planes of consciousness.

Some psychologist has given psychological explanation and interpretation to the process of clairvoyance. It is a fact that in moments of fear and shock our perception becomes more sharpened temporarily. The awakened sensitive and terrified person will be able to see the ethric body and diagnose illness. Since most of the ailments of humankind are present on the ethric level before their manifestation on the physical body. This enables the clairvoyant, operating on this level to warn of impending health problems so that individual can take pre emptive action and restore the vital force before the disease or trouble actually starts. But this interpretation of clairvoyance applies to “diseased or morbid” kind of psyche not to healthy and spiritual kind of psyche.

Clairvoyance is to be differentiated from illusion. Illusion is a false conception and perception of reality by our senses. It is the distortion of human perception and conception. Illusions mainly pertain to auditory and visual illusions. Here in illusion, two physical entities get superimposed but in clairvoyance there is no such superimposition. Here what the clairvoyant perceives or feels becomes true. From ordinary life of ordinary men many instances can be quoted where people have felt clairvoyant feelings but these are from the morbid psyche. What they felt as clairvoyance became hundred percent true. Many patients have narrated to me their clairvoyance experiences while telling the history of their sickness.


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