The Paradox Of Pornography On Internet Is Plaguing The Minds Of Parents As Well As Children Equally

The exposure of child mind to pornography on internet and websites is inevitable. The parents feeling anxious for the safety of their children will have to change their century old conservative and religious oriented outlook about sex matters and educate them accordingly. There is no substitute for porno-sites than education and right information about sex matters to the curious and inquisitive minds of “new internet youth”. Never pervert the mind of children by coercion or force rather gets them educated how to involve, divert, and sublimate their minds in more meaningful, creative and constructive activities by being friendly to them...

There is strong resentment and anxiety among parents about the watching of pornographic sites by their children on internet. Most of the parents feel concerned to the issue. Parents feel concerned about the sexual explicit matter on internet. This is really a serious problem that should be addressed in strongest earnest by social media peoples and other responsible people of society. If we failed in our duty and responsibility as parents to tackle this problem than this has potential to become “pornographic bomb” of the youth to destroy the social fabric and their positive and constructive mentality and mind set. I shall discuss this problem of youth and parents from psychological point of view. There are many paradoxicalties in this problem of viewing of pornography on internet. The parents watch the pornographic movies and internet pornography and enjoy it deliciously and voluptuously: but they wish their wards and children should avoid and refrain from pornography. This is absolutely not possible at all. What a paradox it is in the minds of parents? The thing that they wish to enjoy the most, they forbade it enjoying their children. . Similarly there is paradox in the minds of youth that it wishes to shun pornographic and other blue material but it can not. Outwardly they deny but inwardly they relish. The burning question is how to avoid this paradox and why this paradox takes its roots in human minds? There is total uncertainty as to the real impact of sexual explicit material on the intellectual and emotional development of children. Parents can not monitor what dangers on internet their children are exposed to. It is very easy for kids to come across porno web -sites unintentionally. it is very tempting for them to have a look on it.


At any given moment of day and night millions of parents and children are online at homes, at café houses or at friend’s houses. Now there is additional excess on internet by devices like cell phones. Now anyone can excess internet from one’s private room or while traveling by cell phone. It is said that in advanced and developed countries like Canada and America nearly half the population of “internet youth” can access internet from their cell phones. Some parents have been seen talking and arguing that they keep vigilance on the activities of their children on internet secretly. Such parents are only living in fool’s paradise as the youth of today is well ahead of parents thinking and is well equipped with new tech devices and gadgets that it knows well how to dodge to their parents and keep them in the dark. The old generation of parents cannot compete the technological skill and acumen of modern youth in any way. Is the situation completely hopeless and despairing? Though it seems so outwardly but it is not so grim and beyond control of parents. The parents will have to change their attitude and outlook towards their children. They will have to be friendly with them. They will have to change their old bossful and despotic attitude towards their children. They will have to evaluate the psyche of their children in the light of new modern era of technology and psychology. They should understand that there is a generation gap between their psyche and their children and the parents can not thrust their options and whims on their offspring. They will have to understand the aspirartations and inspirations of new generation of youth. They should know it well that their century old tools of rebuke and abusing, debunking children will not do any good rather worsen the situation
The suppression of children psyche will serve no purpose but may aggravate the situation to an uncontrollable level. Parents should remember that too much repression may lead the children to revolt and aggression crippling the personalities of children....
Once upon a time it was assumption of parents that internet safety was question of computer location. By keeping computers away from them in safe custody, children will not reach the cyberspace. This notion even finds favors with some parents today. Common sense dictates against giving children freedom of internet access in the privacy of their

bed rooms. But what to do with cell phones now?. Can the parents persuade their children not to use the cell phones? Every child has its own cell phone-in his/ her pocket. Moreover new generations cell phones (3G spectrum) are equipped with wireless connections of internet. Now the youth has new options to use the internet. There is no denying the fact that unrestricted and unbridled access to internet is bad for the health of children .The children can be taught to access the internet safely and more constructive way... The big question is how to monitor the children on internet? There is no alternative to it except than accepting the reality of internet and adapting to it according to the new circumstances and changed social environment.
Sex and pornography
We as parents should learn that basic problem with the youth is sex and not pornography. There is an explosion of sex on the interment in various forms. Even chat room chatting and cell phone talking for prolonged hours is disguised sex. Gone are the days when people used to feel sex after their marriage. Pornography is allied problem and corollary of sex. Sex is natural derive in human mind and in the minds of youth also. But the tragedy is that we have made it most unnatural thing in the universe. The greatest curiosity of youth is about sex and exploration of sex. The greatest fascination of human mind is sex. The main problem of the youth is with sex attitude and it should be properly addressed by educated parents in their children. The primary and fore most things is about the imparting of knowledge of sex and sex education. Ignorance is mother of all ills and is greatest sin. . Start educating the children about sex at an early age with restraints. Child mind is very receiving, impressionable and adaptable mind to the social milieu. Whatever the parents will guide it will imprint on the mind of children. Never say sex is bad, sin or “forbidden fruit” of heaven to your children. Never attach your family religious feelings of piety and convictions with the sex. Negative feeling about sex produces many deep rooted complexes in the mind of children. If the child asks any question relating to sex out of mere curiosity never put off the question of child rather address it properly. Never snub the child answer him to quench his curiosity, otherwise your child will gather wrong and misconceived information about sex from wrong sources. Parents are the right source of sex education for their children. Even if you catch your child seeing some pornographic sites at night red handed. Simple ignore this act as you have seen nothing. Never catch your child red handed and makes him guilty and self conscious .self consciousness is great mental trauma in children. It may cripple his psyche and prove detrimental to his mental health. It may further give rise to many paradoxes.
Diversion of mind
Diversion of mind and sublimation of mind are two psycho –techniques which can take our mind away from sex matters. The greatest obsession of human beings is sex obsession. Parents and children should remember the golden rule” denial and avoidance of sex” is not annihilation of sex or extinction of sex derives. “Sex is not sin .sex is not crime .sex is not something unhealthy. Sex is deriving life force of our life. Make your child how to channelize it properly and constructively in useful activities. Denial and avoidance will fuel the sex passion thousand times. It is just alike adding fuel to the fire. Sex is reality of your life admit it and it will do no harm to you. Your avoidance or ignorance of sex will lead you to many psychological problems of untold proportions.. Diversion is not the prevention of mind from sex. It is providing the mind a different atmosphere and environment. Human mind is always engaged in some activity. Engage it in some fruitful activity. Please never pervert your mind divert your mind. Diversion of sex is very dangerous thing. The educated parents should learn how to divert the mind of their children. Suppression of sex desires is always bad but its healthy expression is never bad. Parents should never suppress the sexual feeling of children but rather get them helping hand to so that they may express these in a very friendly way. Sex does not lie in sexual organs. Sex lies in the eyes. Sex lies in mind. Through sexual organs it only gets expressed.


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