Agaricus The Wonder Medicine For Cerebral Palsy Of New Born And Kids Part 3

Cerebral palsy is not disease in strict sense of the term rather it is the syndrome of many complex and composite neurological disorders and symptoms. Cerebral palsy is a group of neurological disorders that involve brain and nervous system functions such as movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinkinThe dominant or conventional medicine has no promising cure for it but homoeopathy has potential to cure the neurological symptoms for whole life.

Mothers should know what cerebral palsy really is? Mothers should also know that there is no cure for this neurological condition other than Homoeopathy. Mothers should also know how to

detect this neurological condition in their kids early in life? If your child is suffering from cerebral palsy and you have discovered and made a choice of the right homoeopath, than you can be sure of cure of your child from this condition early in life. First of all let us know what cerebral palsy is and what are its manifestations and symptoms in early childhood?

What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy as the name of disease suggests affects the central nervous system of kids and eventually their muscles of body or their co ordination. Cerebral means brain and palsy means lack of muscle power or control. Cerebral palsy affects the main two areas of human system: central nervous system and mus co –Skeleton system. Through these systems the functioning of all other body systems may be affected. The brain and the muscles of body of child are not properly developed or all not functioning in a coordinated manner and there is somewhat chaos in the nervous working. The brain has major problem in this disorder. The main function of brain or nervous system is to send messages to muscles and body parts ant get work from them. All our movements are guided by motor neurons. The sensory neurons send their signals and messages to brain our nervous system have net work of motor neurons and sensory neurons to send messages and receive messages. Our body is really first wonder of the world or universe. How thousands of chemical reactions and reactions in the form of metabolism and catabolism are going in our body every second is really a great wonder. Brain is the transmission center of human body and its various activities. So in cerebral palsy there lies the main problem in transmission center or brain. There is disordered link and disharmony between commands of brain and their execution by muscles of body. Brain sends certain commands or messages but muscles do not respond to these messages effectively.


What are the symptoms that mothers should look for in their kids and new born babies for cerebral palsy? This neurological disorder of central nervous system has three main symptoms:
Lack of control of muscles
Clumsiness of mind of kids
Lack of coordination of muscles
Walking speaking are two milestone and significant events of kids’ life. In cerebral palsy both are delayed or disordered. . The child may dislike milk and rather may have aversion to it eventually leading to miasmas like condition .you will prescribe lot of calcium and other calc salts to the child for bony growth, but these will have no effect at all. The problem of child is not with calcium absorption but rather with brain development. it is the tardy development of brain which does not allow the child to do walking and speaking activities at proper time . If the kid does not start walking and speaking up to one years of age or duration; than these may be regarded as the early symptoms of cerebral palsy. In this disorder the child tries to stands up but stumbles or falls on ground and does not properly pronounce words or pronounce these wrongly. Lack of movement, poor and clumsy muscle control, and slow muscle development are early manifestation of this neurological disorder. Regular and timely check up and inter action of physical activities of new born must be under your keen supervision. The clumsiness of muscles of head, hands and legs must be watched. The child may move his or her head to and fro in a rhythmical way while awaking, sucking milk or playing, or any motion of body in to and fro position. This to and from motion of body parts is guiding symptom of cerebral palsy. It is non balancing and involuntary activity of nervous system. The child may move his legs while sucking milk or lying flat on bed. The mother tries to get toys or such things in the hands of child but the child never catches hold of them properly and

lets them drop in a clumsy way. The mother should always look for jerking and tremors in the limbs of kids. Whenever any outside stimulus or vibrational movements touch the nervous system of kids; they jerk their limbs Involuntary. They may jerk in sleep with frightening gesture also. The mothers should observe the faces of kids minutely to find out any terrace of grimacing of face of kids. Grimacing is involuntary movement of muscles of cheeks, lips, chin or nose. You should always look for fibrillar spasm of child. Grimacing and fibrillar spasms are very common in neurological disorders. Mothers, please always observe the tongue of the baby. If it makes slow oscillatory motions, than your baby may be suffering from cerebral palsy. Observe the eyes of your baby. If the eyeballs are making oscillatory motions than be cautious it is sure sign of cerebral palsy. Remember one word while observing cerebral palsy in kids and children that is “in coordination and involuntary movements of muscles”. One warning and caution here, for ardent mother. Never give these children any allopathic prophylactics for other diseases like polio or tuberculosis or diphtheria. The nervous system of these children is already in doldrums and deep turmoil and is not ready to tolerate stronger doses of crude toxic prophylactics. I have seen and observed many such children getting actual polio after having given polio drops. The dominant conventional doctors will never admit this fact that their polio drops can cause polio. I have seen this phenomenon in many children and I never administered such prophylactic to my own children. I gave them the Homoeopathic prophylactics. For all the childhood diseases I have seen parents repenting of having given polio drops to their kids in India as this caused polio myelitis to them. The mothers should also observe for continuous hiccup ping in their babies hiccup ping is nervous phenomenon. One way of cerebral palsy in younger children is that they have exaggerated motions of legs. Either the boy reaches too high or steps too high and staggers.
Why Agaricus is medicine for cerebral palsy?.
Agaricus is a lower plant and belongs to fungi group organisms. In its pathogenesis it has produced abundant of neurological symptoms that are often found in cerebral palsy. Dropping of things from the hands is its guiding and keynote symptom. Why the agaricus patient drops things from its hands. It is due to clumsiness and awkwardness of his muscular system. The agaricus subject, when tries to hold of anything with her hands the muscle fly spasmodically open and the thing falls from her hands. It is pure out of nervousness of the subject. Agaricus is medicine of neurological disorders par excellence. Agaricus has produced twitching of muscles everywhere in the body especially the eyes and thigh. Fibrillar spasms accompanying cerebral palsy are in a way twitching of muscles.Agaricus is chilly medicine. It has hydrogenoid constitution. It has twitching, jerking, burnings everywhere in the body. If the baby has frostbitten feet or chilblains in cold season or while snowing than indication for agaricus is doubly strengthened. All the discharges of agaricus are very fetid and offensive like discharges of merc sol. it has great resemblance of salivation and offensiveness of mouth with merc sol. The stool and flatus of agaricus are very fetid and offensive. The baby of agaricus is very self willed, stubborn, and obstinate and there is strong tendency for blaming others in agaricus. I have seen that agaricus children blame for their weakness on other children. I had a agaricus baby patient. Whenever she urinated in the panty she will blame it on other children. Agaricus is tubercular remedy .After the prescription of this medicine, if there is underlined taint of Tuberculinum than you may need Tuberculinum to complete the cure.
How to administer agaricus?
Never give agaricus in crude form or in too low a potency. Always start with high at least im potency and than wait for one month at least. And go on increasing the potency when you observe that the effect of medicine has exhausted or there is outbreak of some old symptoms. There may be aggravation of some neurological symptoms after the first prescription. Do not be afraid or interfere with the action of medicine, it is very positive response of nervous system and favorable action of medicine.


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