How Esp (extra Sensory Perception) Operates In Human Mind?

The ESP is Para psychological process, beyond the domain of five human senses. It operates in the mind not in the brain rather it operates when brain working is stopped temporarily as in trance or abstraction of brain. But it is not brain fag.

Those are few, rare, God gifted and skilled genius persons who reach the developmental level of ESP. We as human beings seek all our knowledge and information mainly by three mediums or methods.

1. Five sensory organs
2. Logical inference
3. Memory

All human beings are gifted with five sense organs with their subjects of knowledge and information.

All informational data that is gathered and collected by five sense organs is transferred to brain via most developed fine net work of nervous system or neurons. The brain may aptly be called the CPU (central processing unit) of our body computer. It analyses the data and draws conclusions and results. The fine net work of nervous system is connected to five sensory organs. These five senses with their subjects of knowledge are as under:

Eyes ------ the act of seeing or viewing (sight)
Ears --------the act of hearing (voice and sound)
Nose -------the act of smelling
Tongue -----the act of tasting
Skin ------- the act of touching.

Extra sensory perception is that quality and faculty of human mind in which knowledge of things and events i.e. of all physical phenomena is acquired by a person in whatever manner, without the ordinary channels of sense perception above enumerated and logical inference.

How ESP works?

How the phenomenon of ESP. occurs or operates. The operation of ESP. is very complex process. Certain psychological and physiological conditions are pre- requisite. These favor the working of ESP. Fixed attention or concentrated mind is the most talked about per-requisite for the operation of ESP. Human mind is just like a turbulent ocean in which waves and ripples of different emotions rise and fall spontaneously and this process goes on uninterrupted and unabated continuously. Human mind is good battle field of forces of antagonism and contradictions. In yogic language these conceptions and deconceptions, construction and deconstruction processes of mind are called “Chitta brities”. The extinction of these varied Chitta conceptions is called yoga.

The aim of dhyan yoga or attention yoga is to conquer these ripples of propensities of mind. Trance or Samadhi is ultimate aim of yogic exercises and discipline. The attention which is required to produce ESP. effect is very much analogous to absent mindedness, abstraction of mind blankness of mind. It is that state of mind in which mind is totally devoid of all its contents of thinking or thought process. it is an emancipation of the self or enlightened state of the mind . Some authors have termed this complete silence of

the mind or annihilation of the mind as “passive alertness”. It is like temporary stoppage of the thinking process of mind. J.B. Rhine has aptly said alertness is favorable drowsiness is unfavorable the objective or rational proof of ESP is next to impossible as it is purely subjective phenomenon like clairvoyance or intuition.

Total emotional involvement, abandonment of self, abstraction of mind, intuition strong desire or craving for unknown, deep sense of curiosity deep sense of wonder are some of the best catalyst for ESP to occur or manifest.. These are beyond the laboratory findings and research tools and research projects etc. . Thomas. J. Hudson a century ago had superseded that it is our subjective mind that received telepathic impressions subliminally. The information is than conveyed to the objective mind. It is our objective mind of which we had conscious awareness and which does not know how the information had been acquired

Brain, Hypnosis and ESP


So long as our brain is actively processing or analyzing data received through the medium of senses via nerves there can be no ESP. The French philosopher and psychologist Henry Bergson (1859-1941) regarded the brain as fine filter which processed information coming into mind. Extrasensory perception or information can only be gained by mind and not by brain. When human brain is somewhat disengaged as in dreams , hypnosis , trans or smadhi or when thinking about nothing only than ESP can occur in these Para psychological states of the mind .The information of the brain is sensory not extra sensory but the information of the mind is both sensory as well as extra sensory

Our brain is conditioned by time and space boundaries and limitations but mind has no such boundaries or limitations. Timelessness,, spacelessness constitutes the trance or smadhi states of the mind . Mind can independently work and operate from time and space
ESP is universal faculty but like all other faculties of mind each and every person is not equally competent or qualified to comprehend and apply this faculty in a way. It is the o the monopoly of only few God gifted people. ESP is evolutionary process and stages of development and each person is at different level of the development of ESP. Some persons by virtue of their hereditary flux are born at higher levels of ESP so they feel the things and events most absorbedly and intuitively



Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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