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The stoppage of beating of heart is not actual death .actual death occurs when neurons of our human body die due to lack of oxygen.

Death is considered to be end of human life or human journey in this universe. Death is most feared thing in the world. But from the mystical and metaphysical point of view death is not so frightening and may be loving experience. Rather it is very exciting and blissful experience. The saint kabir belonging to medieval period of Indian history says
“The whole world is frightened of death but I seek blissfulness in death experience.” The

permanand or the ultimate reality can only be achieved after death. Death here means dissolution of the ego or self or blending of lower self with the higher self .Similar views of exhilaration on death are expressed by the fifth guru of Sikhs shri guru Arjan dev ji
“As drop of water is merged with the ocean losing its entity or individuality similarly; individual light is merged with the supreme light. Light is good symbol for truth which Indian mystics have repeatedly used in their poetry and compositions. Light is truth. Light is knowledge. Light is jyoti.

Physiological death #

What is physiological death? In biological terms death is cessation of all biological and metabolic activities of the cell. Death in biological terms is death of the cells of bodies. The primary unit of life is cell. The aggregation and replication of cells is called tissues. Tissues give rise to organs and organs give rise to organism .So human body is an organism composed of organs, tissues and cells. The organism

is further composed of many systems. Human being is the most sophisticated and developed organism of the mother earth. All human life is composed of following vital systems which integrated and coordinate with euchre in harmonious way.
Bones and skeletal system
Blood vascular system
Nervous system
Endocrinological system
Respiratory system
Reproductive system
Muscular system..
Excretory system
The structuring unit of all systems is cell. Life starts from a single cell called zygote and ends with the death of cells of body
M molecular death#

In common parlance and lay man term the stoppage of respiration or stoppage of pumping of heart or beating of heat is called death.. But this is not actual death. You do not know perhaps, that even after stoppage of beating of heart the man does not die actually or instantly.. Some metabolic activities go on working in the body even after physical death.
Molecular death means death of cells and tissues individually. on or two hours after stoppage of vital functions of body individual cells will live for variable time after stoppage of circulation till their residual oxygen is totally exhausted. The nervous tissues die most rapidly after stoppage of circulation within five minutes. That is why the concussion of brain proves very fatal. So the most rapidly dying cell of human body is neuron or nerve cell. But the muscles can live unto two hours after stoppage of circulation of blood in the body.

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