Why Pancreatic Cancer Is So Deadly? Some Reflections

There are some factors that make the pancreatic cancer so deadly. See some of the factors explained here in this article.

It needs no explanation, neither is it mystery or secret that pancreatic cancer is deadliest of all the known cancer types. It has almost become synonymous for death and who does not fear of death?

According to American cancer society only one fifth of Americans diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survive for a full yea period. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in America.

What are the distinguished features? Or what are the peculiarities and circumstances that make

the pancreatic cancer so deadly and lethal in terms of mortality. It is very threatening from its very birth. Doctors will never say you with certainty about the prognosis of this cancer; when once it is diagnosed
The first and foremost peculiarity of this deadly cancer is its peculiar location. Pancreas is small endocrine as well as exocrine gland situated behind or beneath the stomach. Generally, abdomen organs are palpable from outside handling and view; but this is not the case with this very small organ and that too hidden beneath the stomach. It is not possible for the physician to palpable this organ by physical handling of hands. It is totally hidden from palpability .Even the most experienced and skilful physician may find it very difficult to say something about this from sheer palpability without resorting to laboratory data and diagnosis. Even here it may dodge the screening in its earliest manifestations.

Secondly, its diagnosis and screening is not at all possible at its earliest stage. Its earlier symptoms are so ambiguous perplexing that these simulate other disease symptoms and may mimic those symptoms. It is very difficult to distinguish these from other disease symptoms. Thus diagnosis becomes extremely difficult in its earlier stages of development. It is extremely difficult for the observing physician to say

something with certainty that it is a fit case of malignancy of pancreas. The main problem with pancreatic cancer is that when it is diagnosed or confirmed by modern lab techniques than it is too late or it has already crossed its boundary lines. Mostly, it is diagnosed in full blown disease or condition when only few options are left with the physician.. Even the most efficient and competent surgeons fail to recommend its surgery due to its unfavorable prognosis

Thirdly, even if it is diagnosed in its earlier stages its mortality rate is very high. And long term survival chances are very dim and bleak. Contrary to other type of cancers, its prognosis is not favorable at all. Rather it is very dismal and disappointing.

Fourthly, due to compressed nerves by enlarged mass of carcinoma, its pains are very excruciating and send shock waves in the body of the victim. The victim finds it very difficult to bear its pains. Even the most potent and powerful injection of tramadol fails to alleviate its pains or suppress these for very short span of time. The severity of pains is extreme
Fifthly, its devastation and catastrophe is so horrible and dreadful that victim is reduced almost to a Skelton loosing all flesh and muscles. The face picture of Steve jobs in his end stage of pancreatic cancer is remindful of the flesh and muscle consuming nature of this deadly cancer.

Lastly and not the least, its metastasis rate is very high. It is rarely confined to its original site of occurrence and metastasizes to its surrounding site and liver in particular. It makes its secondaries in the liver tissue and infiltrates these tissues to degeneration


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