Does A Girl Really Has A Living Spider Inside Her Skin?

The mythological Arachne, the mortal talented weaving young girl was transformed into a spider by the curse, wrath and magic of the weaving goddess Athena. Mythology has its own symbolic language to convey the nature of things. Some modern girls show the great similarity of their behavior with spiders. Many aspects of their social, psychological and sexual behavior resemble with the spiders. Hence it could be rightly said that “A spider is living inside their skin”.

“Did a girl has a spider living insider her skin?” the information under above title is moving and circulating fast on the

face book and internet. This information is selling and spreading like hot cakes on the social media website face book. Any type of information on social media attracts everyone’s mind that is why social media is becoming number one platform to influence and mould customer’s psychology. Almost all manufacturing units and firms are using it as a good tool to advertise their products on the social media. The title “did a girl has a living spider insider her skin” is not new of its kind. Prior to this information such two pieces of information under the headings “photographer committed himself 3 days after taking this video” and “a girl killed herself after her father posted the video on her face book wall” were also circulating on face book sometime ago. Apparently, it looks as if it is a real video. But it is mirage only beware. It is to increase the curiosity and suspense of people and to cash on that curiosity; when reader clicks such links. The more people click these links the more money is earned for the owner of such links It is to make fool of you and is a part of strategy of click scam of earning money. These are a part of gimmick of face book surveys.
Leaving aside the scam aspect of “Did a girl has a spider living insider her skin?”; The very title is very interesting, well thought and fascinating from mythological and psychological point of view. This title also caught my fancy and I started analyzing that the writer/owner of this title or inventor of title must be a master mind and great strategist. I think he deliberately used this title to stir the imagination of readers in his favor.
I assume the owner of this scam or title did not know the exact similarities between a girl and a spider. How the nature of these two female creatures is matched or connected he must not be knowing consciously. He used the terms girl and spider as a trick or gimmick and it worked for him wonderfully.
When I started to study and analyze the nature of these young females, one belonging to arachnida and other to mammals group of animals; I found the striking similarities and I was convinced that really a spider lives inside the skin of girls. Let us see how, and what is that spider?

If we take mythology into consideration than it is confirmed fact that girl was transformed into spider in a magic way in ancient days or a girl is really a spider in disguise. In Greek mythology, there is a mention of a beautiful girl named Arachne. Arachne is a young damsel girl from Lydia, sometimes said to be a princess in mythology, who offended Athena, and suffered the consequences/ curse and wrath of Athena. Athena was goddess of crafts, weaving and wisdom. Arachne was not an ordinary girl. She was very beautiful, talented, gifted with arts but vain, arrogant, proudly girl. The mortal girl Arachne was truly gifted in the art of weaving and crafting. Her finished products were superb piece of art and beautiful to look at. The very act of her weaving was worth looking at. The goddess Athena was also a proud and talented, young goddess who taught the various arts including weaving and spinning to the folks of Greece. She is said to be the harbinger of weaving art. She herself was a skillful weaver and potter Arachne is said to be one of her maiden pupil whom she taught the art of weaving and spinning.
Arachne was a poor, simple hearted country side peasant girl who became an expert in spinning and weaving of cloths with her devotion to work. She was very dedicated to the art of crafting and weaving .No human could spin or weave as well as Arachne or produce finer cloth. She became famous throughout Greece and her popularity ran far apart. Arachne grew more and more arrogant about her crafty skills and starting boasting that she was better than Athena, the goddess of wisdom and weaver, who invented spinning and weaving arts. Athena became very furious and decided to teach a lession to the boastful girl. Disguised as an old woman, the goddess Athena came to earth and challenged Arachne to a weaving contest. The cloth( tapestry) that Athena wove was simply marvelous and Athena was moved and impressed by her crafty arts. Athena’s craft showed both the power of the gods and the fate of humans who dared to challenge them. Arachne's tapestry contained scenes of the foolish romantic misadventures of the gods also. Athena was greatly annoyed at the choice of Arachne subject “the loves and transgressions of the gods”, Arachne’s work was not only equal but was superior to Athena's, work. However, Arachne could not resist boasting that her weaving surpassed that of Athena At that moment, the goddess revealed her true identity to Arachne that she was goddess Athena. She tore the weaving of Arachne and beat her badly. Annoyed over this, Arachne hanged herself with the rope of a weaving .Athena changed the rope of hanging into web with his magic. At that moment, the goddess revealed her true identity, and turned Arachne into a

spider, an animal known for its spinning and weaving skills .After the name of this mythological girl, spiders have been named arachnida by biologists" cursing the Arachne the goddess Athena said “Vain girl, since you love to weave so much and boast of your weaving skills, why don't you go on weaving and spinning forever.."
Dominant traits of spiders in girls’ behaviors
The mythological story of Arachne, a young talented but proudly girl shows that how with the magic of the goddess Athena, the human mortal girl was permanently changed into spider. The simile of spider with girl has very symbolic meaning and value. Mythology explains the facts of human behavior symbolically at its own ways shrouded in mystery. The weaving art is gifted to girls only. But a striking similarity between spider and a girl! In older days the girls used to be very expert in weaving and crafting. The weaving nature of girls finds its true equivalent in spiders. It has many components. The weaving act shows obsessive nature of girls in certain acts and actions especially in sexual behavior.. The girls are very obsessive and possessive of the person whom they love. The jealousy of girls born out of this possessiveness is world known and famous.. The girls are more love and sex obsessed and possessed than their counterparts boys.
The skin of girls and spiders is very supersensitive. Skin is one of the five senses of human beings. It is concerned with the sense of touch. The skin of spider and girls is very vulnerable to human touch and environmental vibrations. Especially the skin of the female genitals is very sensitive to touch. There is fine net work of nerves there. The clitoris is the most sensitive part of female genital structure.. Some girl’s are so sensitive to touch around their genitalia that they can not bear even the touch of their underwear; But to speak of human hand touch or sexual touch. The genital sensitivity leading to ticklishness and tingling goes to such an extreme that it becomes extremely difficult for them to get their parts touched by opposite gender. They feel a special kind of titillation around these areas. A spider can sense the vibrations from distance. Similarly the girls can not bear vibrations of touch to their skin. See in social gathering places how the girls are conscious of boys touch to their body?. It is true of maiden girl’s only not married girls who become used to it. The “living spider inside the skin” is an idiomatic expression referring to the sensitivity of the skin of girls.
Another striking similarity is dancing mania or”Tarantism” Tarantism is a kind of dancing mania set up in persons of nervous nature bitten by a special spider called “Tarantula Hispania” When any subject is bitten by this spider he begins to dance and sing incessantly losing all control over his nervous system. Music especially of high note or high beat not slow classical music, dancing and singing is only cure for the deadly poison of this bite. The “cabaret dancing” girls are good examples of this dancing mania. The spider Tarantula hisp is their remedy, to calm down their tense and wound up nervous system. The spider is really inside in the skin of such girls that is why they are dancing with sexual overtones
The next biological aspect of spider life is their high sexual derive or energy. I think spiders are only insects which have high nymphomaniac sexual energy. In moments of sexual excitement the female spider swallows the male spider when he tries to kiss and copulate her.. This spider remains widow for whole life as it eats its male partners during sexual encounters. Many girls have typical sexual behavior of the spiders. They are nymphomaniac and are never satisfied during their sexual encounters with their partners. At the same time not only nymphomaniac but cunning and sly like spiders also. You will see these types of girls having divorced many men in their life. They go on changing their sexual partners. The cunning and sly nature of girls also reminds one of spider trait. The spider is very cunning and crafty. How the mythological Arachne girl deceives the goddess Athena by saying that she did not learn anything from her is good example of the cunning behavior of girls. Innocent boys are entrapped, many times in their cunning behavior web. They knit their web with utmost craftiness and cunningness; leaving little or no way to chances, like the web of the spider. The prey entrapped in the web of spider once can not escape in spite of its best efforts. The girls who are always excited to the end of their nerves, always in irritating and agitated mood are good examples of spidery nature. Sly destructive movements are characteristic and of spider poison. For such girls tarantula is good remedy to take. The spider poison has potential to calm down their agitation and excitement. Fidgetiness of extremities is good feature of the hysterical girls and of spider behavior. Some girls are in the habit of feigning sickness or malingering, they always complain some vague pains/ spasms in their body; the spider poison is good remedy to calm down their perverted mind. Spider poison is also good remedy for the girls who make show of their body and behavior and sexual postures intentionally for attracting the males.

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