How Sophisticated Malware May Steal Your Data And Bank Money From Your Personal Computer?

The new generation malware are proving real threat to our bank accounts. How to safeguard ourselves against these malware and hijackers?

On the positive side, the information technology has revolutionized the lives of modern people and their mode of living and livelihood by providing them access to the most hidden horizons of their life and psyche. On the darker or Philip side it has brought miseries Agonies, dangers and threats with its application. The hitherto hidden traits of mankind’s psyche his true unmasked self have come to the fore or limelight.gaurding against the cyber threats and cyber security have become the

burning issues and concerns of “modern tech man”. The cyber security experts are repeatedly warning the people that almost one third of fraudulent banking and financial transactions, activities ,stealing of money and pass words, now undoubtedly ,originate from customers own computers.

Hijackers and crackers are engaged in hijacking your bank accounts by making the accounts empty by plundering your hard earned money. Ignorant and unaware of the online dangers people are providing good golden opportunity to these people engaged in heinous crimes. No one else other the customers are responsible for this sorry state of affairs. A minor carelessness on the part of customer can cost him or her own bank account money in no time. In recent times the activities of hackers have increased many folds. New and new people are falling prey to the sophisticated methods and techniques of hijacking and stealing money of people. To combat the treacherous designs and heinous activities and online threats of hijackers and crackers the officials of financial institutions and banks

are either employing highly skilled technologists or is developing multiple security mechanism of three or four tier systems. Or multi thronged strategies or complex security questions. All this has been evolving without compromising the easiness of modern technologies. Log on to ones bank account has become a cumbersome and tedious method. There is no complacency for security of the bank account.

The cyber experts dealing with online dangers and threats of stealing bank accounts are warning the public that software’s or applications used by hijackers and crackers to steal money from people personal bank accounts have become so elusive, treacherous, cunning that it fools even bank authorities and officials entrapping them thinking that they are making legitimate online transactions.


The latest generation of malware viruses has the potential to infect a person computer and persuade the user to send the vital information like log in details and pass word etc. the hackers by infecting the personal computers of users with Trojan viruses communicate with the victims pretending or posing as real bank official asking them for personal data that when furnished e enables them to log on into their accounts and steal the money.


The latest sophisticated software enable the hijacker to remotely access an infected computers bank account from the customers own computer. Almost 30% activities are carried or generated from personal computers. This is the main area of concern and anxiety both for customers and banks.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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