How The Role Of Social Media Can Generate Lot Of Passive Income For You?

Net working social media is not only a means of sharing your psyche with others but also a good source of generating passive income.

If you happen to be free lance writer or online writer than you might have realized the singular significance of role of media in generating your passive income. I know you can not adopt online writing as business for managing the affairs of your family and for subsistence of your life but as a hobby it is good job to generate some extra income for your other costly hobbies to follow them and expand them further. Have

you put this question to yourself sometime in life that after all for what you write? Some people may answer that they write for their own happiness or creativity but ultimately your happiness and creativity is also social activity. The basics purpose of writing is to share your feelings and thoughts with fellows.

Sharing gives you joy and impart pleasure to life. It is inherent in nature of man to share and communicate with others. He shares his achievements, his failures, his sicknesses, with others. By sharing we not only gain pleasure but knowledge also. It makes our life colorful .The first Sikh guru and founder of Sikhism shri guru Nanak dev ji laid extra emphasis on sharing in his religious teachings. In one of his hymns he says, “so long as we live in this mundane world we hear something and say something”. In broad sense sharing is life. He laid down three principles of life and one of them is sharing of food, sharing of knowledge with others. When we share our knowledge it grows manifold. The world is vast and full of knowledge and we should not keep our knowledge confined to the boundaries of our narrow mind. You unlike a miserly person keeping it to you rather distribute it among fellows and folks and expand it in universe.

The role and scope of internet social media in spreading and expanding your knowledge and information is immense and tremendous. Moreover social media is totally free. These sites do not charge a single penny to put your material before the folks and people of the world. The element of universality contained in their nature has the potential to make your writing material also universal.

There are many social websites such as face book, twitter, stumble upon, Google+1 etc. we should exploit the vast opportunities provided by these websites to our maximums utility and effort.. Writing of good quality articles is not enough they should reach the maximum people also. These websites make help us to make reach our writing skills and material to maximum people. Our written articles are like a dead passive library books in the desert for which none goes or approaches to read. Who will make our articles reach maximum people in shortest of time? Only us none else will do this job for ours. Unless you make your valuable articles moving from place to place and from people to people on internet, these are not going to generate neither income nor views .creating views is an effort on our parts .when we share our articles by placing them on social web sites or keep them moving by retweeting them, these reach new people and they further make our articles or reach maximum people by recommending

them to their fellows. I have observed that many websites paste our articles links on their websites for further circulation of these without our knowledge.

There are many magazine type papers covering diverse topics from health to diseases and from social life to philosophy and religion that get published on internet on daily basis. If our content and articles weigh heavily in their daily rating they can find place on these magazine papers further widening scope of expansion of your articles and generating more views for our articles hence money ultimately to our pocket..

While sharing my writing material on these websites I have observed that you meet very good aptitude and mannered people .they will request you to put your articles and article links on their web sites for the maximum exposure of your articles. They even provide you free on line account of your own. You can write there your own articles free of any cost. I remember that influenced by the content and quality of my articles on alcoholism being displayed on twitter in form of links; a site owner gentleman requested me to place all my articles related to health on his website. He opened my free personal account on his website and provided me enough place to write on his website. He acquainted me with other friends by sending his own notes in circulation in praise and appreciation of my content. There was lot of traffic on this site and people visiting this site are of high caliber and high profile reading my articles links of experts column with eagerness and curiosity. The traffic to my articles and experts column has increased tremendously. The only purpose to narrate this incident is to inspire good quality writing writers to write with zeal and passion. Social net working sites have huge potential to generate “fission of views” like the fission of an atom.

The per-requisite is that you must have maximum social accounts on maximums social websites to post your articles. Secondly, you should have more and more followers and friends on these sites. When you follow the others unconditionally they may also reward you by following you in turn. The only mantra or aphorism to generate passive income is to get maximum views for our published content inviting people to read our articles

The website for which you write is an integral part of your life. It is failure and success of your own life. There exists a dialectical and reciprocal relationship between the website and you. The health and quality of websites for which you write influences your own health of content and your content influences the quality of website in turn. The quality of knowledge and information provided on website and in your content is decisive factor that determines the ranking of a particular website in the eyes of search engines. If your content provided on website is trust worthy and reliable you will be getting more views from other websites that boost our daily income. Never plagiarize content of others in your own name. This will not only kill your creativity and image as a writer but will destroy the credibility and image of the websites concerned.

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