Seminoma---- The Deadly Cancerous Tumor Of Testis.

Seminomas are germ cell malignant tumors that occur in the testis of males generally before the age of 45years. It can also occur at puberty or even in late childhood period. The Seminomas are very aggressive in nature

Seminoma is the commonest malignant tumor of testis and it histologically, exactly corresponds to dysgerminoma in young female virgins. It takes its origin from germ cells located in the testis. It constitutes roughly50% of all germ cell tumors of testis. The tumor can occur in early childhood period but its peak incidence is in the fourth decade of life. Undescended testis is

said to be most implicated factor of this tumor.

The growth of seminoma is so enormous that it can enlarge unto ten times of the original volume of mass of testis. Histologically, the tumor cells are fairly uniform in size and texture with clear cytoplasm. Most of the tumors grow mitotic ally. The aggressive types of tumors are referred as anaplastic Seminomas. If

you observe that your testis has assumed stony hardness and the testis has grown infiltrated than surely it may turn out to be seminoma. In earlier pathology there is total lack of pain in cancerous tumors. But in later stages when the tissue is degenerated than there may be excruciating pain.

Testicular germ cell tumors are invariably and unequivocally malignant. In the female counterpart the germ cell are found in ovaries. Both in males and females the germ cells are not limited to gonads.i.e testis in males and ovaries in females. Some extra gonads sites have also been found or located such as site between both lungs called mediastinum and retro peritoneum.10% Seminomas are found with elevated levels of AFP and HCG in serum.
The tumor may be removed from the testis surgically. If it is far advanced than only chemotherapy and radiation therapy options are left.

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