Menopause Makes Woman Vulnerable To Heart And Other Diseases

Circulatory and other existing diseases get worsened after menopause. menopause itself can not be termed as syndrome. .

Circulatory and other existing diseases get worsened after menopause. menopause itself can not be termed as syndrome.

The menopause event is earthquake like event in the life of a woman. It leaves many marks of impression on her psyche and body. The woman is not what she used to be before the menopause. Menopause is hypo function of ovaries experience by woman in her middle age. Menopause is gateway to old age. And interval of two years supervenes between the first symptom of climacteric and the cessation of menses. The manner in which menstruation ceases is very variable from

woman to woman. The sudden cessation of menses is only limited to eight percent of woman. The flooding is reported in sixteen percent woman. Twenty percent woman suffers from scanty and intermittent flow of menses. There is increased time interval between periods in twenty five percent of woman. Thirty-five percent women suffer from irregular menses at this occasion. What is common in almost in all women is the emergence of hot flushes or flashes of heat; this is the single most factors that are most trouble some during menopause. Almost eighty percent woman suffers from this annoying symptom during menopause. In some women these continue with diminishing tendency for years. There is a subjective sensation of warmth allover the body or confined to chest uterus neck or face or head with diffuse or patchy flushing of the skin. . Hot flashes are characteristically brief in nature and run only for few seconds or minutes and occur most frequently. After emotional stress or unfavorable situation in house these
generally get worsened when the heat production is increased in body. The severity of the symptoms depends upon the rate at which the involution of ovaries takes place.
In woman in whom there is sudden cessation of menses due to sudden loss of ovarian function, the hot flushes are likely to be less severe. The woman who have gradual decline of ovarian activity may have amenorrhea as the only symptom. After hot flashings the second most annoying symptom is depression. The degree of severity of depression depends on the ovarian activity in that woman in whom there is sudden cessation or amenorrhea three is hardly any depression symptoms. A typical menopausal syndrome in psychiatrist sense is almost nil. The woman who suffers from psychiatrist symptoms like anxiety, neurosis, hysterias, phobias compulsive neurosis and hypochondrical states area generally found to have these mental states earlier in life. There is no special or newel eruption of these psychotic symptoms
The statistical surveys of woman suffering from various diseases before menopause show that these diseases acquire new dimensions after menopause. New symptoms are added to the already existing symptoms and the existing symptoms get worsened. The following disorders namely hypertension, diabetes. Ischemic heart diseases, Cervical spondylitis, lumbar spondylitis osteo arthritic joints, asthma and allergy disorders and allergy, anxiety and depression gets worsened may times. After menopause the circulatory and bone diseases are generally gets worsened.
Without wasting time on formula medicines one should consult some leading homeopath to treat these diseases. Homoeopathy is simply wonderful to treat and cure menopause related diseases

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