Why Recurrent Throat Infections Occur In Children?

Recurrent throat infections have become real problem of parents and children equally. Repeated exposure to anti biotics is weakening the immune defenses of body and playing havoc with body. The solution lies in taking homoeo medicines to cure this recurring malady.

It is general complaint and problem of many parents and pediatricians that throat infections in children have achieved alarming proportions. It is fact that children of new tech age are suffering from many types of recurrent throat infections and upper respiratory tract infections .The throat infections in new age tech children of new generation have increased many fold as

compared to the old generation of children three or four decades back. The parents of such recurring type throat infections are dazed lot and finding no way to come out of this dilemma. They anxiously ask the attending physician why the throat infections of their kids are occurring time and again even after resorting to heavy doses of anti biotics. And the physicians are equally perplexed not to find any solution except repeating the course of antibiotics again and again.

The symptoms of throat infection generally start with running of nose, violent paroxysm of sneezing, slight cough and throat irritation or palatal itching. There is watering of one or both eyes with stuffed noses. The symptoms descend downwards on the same day or day after to chest and lungs causing severe infection of chest and lungs resulting in dry cough with sneezing continuing. In some allergic children the prognosis of cough, fever and cold is very grave and serious and generally it leads to formation of mucus in lungs and bronchial tubes and efforts to cough failing to raise the phlegm or mucus. There is congestion of chest with laborious breathing, wheezing voice and rattling of mucous in chest. Some children may go out of breath while coughing to relieve the wheezing Inhaler filled with steroids and strong course of antibiotics is given to children. If there is fever than anti pyretics are also given in addition to inhaler and antibiotics. The acute and more severe symptoms are subsided to only reappear after fifteen or twenty days. The vicious cycle of remission and infection affects the children‘s life, self confidence, education and health in many ways.

Let us dive deep into the problem of

recurrent throat infections faced by many children. Why the children fall back to recurrent type of throat infections and upper throat infections? All children are born with or endowed with strong inbuilt and inborn immune system or immunity to fight against various kinds of infections. The child also receives some antibodies during gestation period and while on breast feeding. Quite a strong citadel of immunity is developed in child‘s body naturally. The proteins or cells that fight against infections are called antibodies. Thus every child has strong inbuilt and innate immune system in his body to safeguard the body against pathogens of various kinds like viruses and bacteria. The army of antibodies is fully equipped with weapons to fight pathogens and their devastations.

The phenomenon of recurrent infections is very complex one. Many factors are involved in it. The biggest reason for recurrent throat infections is not the lack of well developed immune system but rather the impaired or deranged dysfunctional type immune system caused by long , overuse and persistence use of antibiotics and steroids. The irrational, blind .excess use of antibiotics and other medications have caused the recurrent phenomenon of recurrent throat infections. On the slightest exposure to cold or sign of infection these children are heavily bombarded with heavy doses of antibiotics and steroids by parents and physicians. It is also possible that antibiotics that are prescribed might have become dysfunctional or registrant to the infection. Thirdly, the throat infections are mostly viral in character and antibiotics have no effect on the virulence of these infections. Antibiotics are incapable of killing viruses. The viral diseases are very self limiting in nature.
If the overuse of antibiotics leads these children to recurrent infections than what is the solution? Homoeopathy has ray of hope for such children. Homoeopathy is not disease oriented like Allopathy it is immune oriented. The main target of homoeo medicine is not bacteria or viruses but raising the power of the immune system and strengthens the immune system of body to fight these pathogens. In the second part of this article I will highlight some of the homoeo medicines for permanently curing of recurrent throat infections.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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